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Welcome to Drivers Daily Log (DDL)

Welcoming Drivers, and Visitors Since 1998


Dec 18 2017 - New ELD law takes effect.

DDL is NOT a ELD and does NOT meet the requirements, you will need to purchase an ELD from other sources.

We do not plan on making DDL into a ELD.

If you have a 1999 or older truck or you meet other requirements, you can still use DDL. Check with your Motor Carrier to See if you need an ELD.

DOT is using a soft enforcement till Apr 18 2018, meaning you will still get a citation ($$fine), but no CVSA points, nor will you be put out of service. On April 18-2018, you will get all three if you do not have a ELD.


DDL will continue to offer the program to drivers that do not need a ELD.


6 Dec 2014 - DDL v3.6 USA2011 rules removes 168 hours and 1to5am provisions


NEWS: FMCSA released the Final Hours of Service (HOS) rules.
Click here to see information.

DDL version 3.5 contains the new rules. (USA 2011). If you Motor Carrier does not require you to run the new 2011 rules, then please be sure and select the USA2005 rules, when you are installing DDL.

FMCSA has broken the Effective date to two different dates.

1st Part - The following three rules became effective on Feb-27-2012 and are in the USA2005 rules updates and USA 2011 rules.

1. On-Duty Time -- Allows team drivers to log 2 hours on the front or rear of an 8 hour sleeper break in off-duty status, without a violation.

2. Penalties -- Driving more than 3 hours (past your 11/14/60/70 hours) is now considered a egregious violation and fines are $2,750 for the driver and up to $11,000 for the motor carrier. (Per Offense) New Grid marker added to DDL to show this violation

3. Oil Field  Exemption -- Wait time must be shown on the log book. DDL has added a Line 5 to the graph, You will need to be running the Oilfield rule.

2nd Part - The Following 2 rules become effective on July 1, 2013, They can be use after Feb-27-2012 if the motor carriers wishes. You will need to switch rules to the USA 2011.

1. Limitations on minimum "34 hour restarts" -- You must have 168 hours since the START of the last 168 hours break to get a 34 restart. Two periods from 1-5 am must also be included in the count. New 168 hrs grid marker added to DDL.

2. Rest breaks -- new 30 min break before 8 hours (driving/On duty) has passed. New 8 hr grid marker add to DDL to show this.

New FMCSA Log Book Examples Web Site

Federal Register of New 2011 Hours of Service Rules in pdf format


DDL and Windows 8

DDL will run fine on Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise, but WILL NOT on Windows 8 RT.  DDL is Windows 8 ready both 32 and 64 bit versions. Click here to read important news

In other words. DDL will run fine on Laptops, Desktops that are running Windows 8. It will only run on the Windows PRO (X86 (Surface) tablet, around $900.00.  No "Others".  No Ipad, NO Ipod, No Iphone, No Cell phones of any kind or make, running any software. We have no plans to make a version for cell phones.


DDL is Windows 7 ready both 32 and 64 bit versions. Click here to read important news

Thank you for visiting our web site, we offer a 30 days free (Full) trial of our software.  (Download Page) (Sample logs)

We believe a user should have plenty of time to see if the software meets their needs.

Drivers Daily Log is very user friendly, however you will need some Computer/Windows  knowledge. ie. Backing up files/folders, Copying/Pasting, Cutting/Deleting, Saving files, How to search using Google, How links work, How to use Windows Help system, and most important reading/understanding basic FAQ's 98% of all questions are answered in the FAQ's.  If you do not have time or will not read the help/FAQ, as not taking the time can cost you money and time, by being placed out of service.

Not all users have the same knowledge, most will find that it takes a few hours, and you're up and running, some will require about two weeks. We recommend using just the Hours of Service, until you are comfortable. You should read the FAQ at least.

During the 30 days, please return here and explore the links, and the useful information the site is pack with.

We offer over 39 print modules (adds a print function to Drivers Daily Log to print other log formats), DDL will not change the way it looks. Download all Print Modules from our Download Page. Click on PRINT, then Print Current Log Day.. Choose the print module you have installed. Any options, setting, DDVIR will need to be chosen from the Print Module you open.

If you have updated to Microsoft new Vista Operating system please read this! NEWS 1-Feb-07

DDL needs to be updated at least every few months, other wise it will stop accepting data. Check the download page for the latest updates,  and the version history for what has changed/fixed/been added.    Updates are FREE and can be done at any time. Before updating we recommend you back up your driving folder to an external device. If you have not done so, please PRINT and Save your DDLID number and Order Confirmation number.

This web site contains information and links to help the driver, company, and log auditors. You will find many links provided. We offer a customer support site that also contains examples of the rules, help files, message board and other useful information for the driver. You can download a 30 days trial version of DDL, (fully functional), before you buy, just click on the Download Page button above or the download link on the left. 

Are you new to DDL? We recommend you click on the link below and look over all sections, this will answer a lot of your questions and save you time.

New DDL User -- Click here

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(DDL will show 0 trial days remaining on the right top side). Download and Install the latest version first, as we do not activate old versions, then complete the request form by clicking on the Activation Request Form button below. You must have purchased DDL software, and have your DDLID number, or CustomerID number, or Order Confirmation number, or Transaction ID #. 

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Before Buying DDL, Please download and use the 30 day trial. You can find the trial version on the download page.

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Testimonials we have received from DDL users. Click on button above for more testimonials. To submit a testimonial please email us.

"I have been using the Drivers Daily Log Program since January 2004. I began using the trial version and after about three weeks I decided to buy. I have found that DDL has saved me Time and Money and hassles with DOT and my safety department, in fact I with the help of DDL caught a problem with my safety departments computer system, the problem was that their computers had not been purged completely of the old HOS rules so that the new HOS system would work properly and after doing so DDL was to thank.  And with the Great support and Patience of Nick and Bruce I was able to keep everything going after a major computer crash where everything was lost. You guys have the best customer support I have ever come across in the computer industry you two are truly a gift to the trucking industry with DDL.  I am the only Driver that uses DDL at my company but I find other drivers are interested in DDL and I can honestly say I am proud to recommend DDL . DDL is the best way to stay Legal, Safe And out of trouble.  Thank You Drivers Daily Log"

"I've been a driver for 5 yrs and 4 out of I've used DDL it's the only way I'll log thinks so much you've saved me thousand's of dollars"

"I needed a logging program and began a search for software that was not only easy to use, but offered all the features I needed to log accurately. Your Drivers Daily Log program is the answer to my quest."

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