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Welcome to Drivers Daily Log (DDL)

Welcoming Drivers, and Visitors Since 1998


Important Please Read:  DDL is Going Out of Business as of Jan-1-2021


Jan 1-2020 - We are sorry to say that DDL Software will being going out of Business for good as of Jan-01-2021.

As the FMCSA and Canada will soon, gone to ELD and is looking at changing the HOS rules again this year (2020), Fritz, Dennis and I have decided to end DDL software. Fritz and Dennis retired as of Jan-01-2020. Here is our exit plan.


1. DDL stopped accepting new customers as of Jan-1-2020. We no longer sale any DDL software. including iTruck software.

2. DDL will stop issuing any New Activation codes including Re-Activation codes as of Jan-1-2021

3. DDL and iTruck users in our database as of 1 Jan-2020, will continue to be able to Activate new computers as long as you have not reached the limit of 4  per license. They is still no limit on Re-Activations as long as the computer being re-activated is in our database. 

4. DDL has always had a 9 month counter built in that required the user to update to the latest version, or the software will stop accepting new data, until updated. After Jan-1-2021 when DDL stops that will be it.  There will be no updates issued.  The web site will be closing and no links will be active.

We are hoping that by giving this year buffer, DDL customers will have time to find other software that will meet your needs.


Apr 18 2018 - New ELD law takes effect.

DDL is NOT a ELD or an AOBR and does NOT meet the requirements, if you need a ELD or have a AOBR, then you will need to purchase a ELD from other sources.

We do not plan on making DDL into a ELD.

If you have a 1999 or older truck or you meet other requirements, you can still use DDL. Check with your Motor Carrier to see if you need an ELD.

DOT is enforcement this new law as of Apr 18 2018, meaning you can get a citation ($$fine), CVSA points, and put out of service. If you do not have a ELD.

Drivers Daily Log has a built in timer (9 months) from installation date. You will need to re-download and install at least once during this 9 month period, or DDL will stop accepting data. The version # and date may or may not change. After re-installing the timer will reset to 9 months. A warning will a pop up at 8 months and everyday during the last 30 days.


DDL will work fine on Windows 10, however you may need to update DDL to the latest version, then request a Activation code, if DDL stops working. Please provide the new InstallationID from the computer you need activated. Click on the Big Orange button above and follow all steps to avoid delays. DDL is not an app. Note: Before upgrading to 10, please check that your printer has the new windows 10 driver ready. Or you might not beableto print logs.

Downloading/Updating Problems. If you are using Internet Explorer 11 and keep getting a message saying "the signature of this program is corrupt or invalid" Click here


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