The Drivers Daily Log program implements the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) PART 395 - HOURS OF SERVICE OF DRIVERS. It helps to produce the Driver's Record of Duty Status - the Log Book. The program takes the power of the computer and applies a convenient entry of duty status data, displays that data in the "classic" Driver's Daily Log format, and prints signature ready log pages for submission to the carrier, and if necessary -- DOT inspectors. DDL also implements FMCSR 395.1 parts that applies to Oil Field Drivers, Well Drilling Drivers, Construction Drivers; that can reset the Hours of Service (HOS) 'clock' with 24 Hours Off Duty.   Also implements the 'adverse conditions' provision that allows +2 hours to driving time. DDL v3.2 does USA 2004 rules.


The program implements the rules as defined in the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations, 1994. The special Permits driver regulations have not been implemented (yet). The 60 th Parallel driver rules have been implemented as an option. Canada Notes - See some notes that affect Canadian drivers. Also implements the 'adverse conditions' provision that allows +2 hours to driving time.

USA Intrastate Rules:

DDL implements the most common intrastate rules for Florida, California, Alaska,  Washington, Texas,  Illinois.

General Discussion:

The program also produces a Monthly Summary of hours worked, which includes Hours of Service Violations if any. The program implements the 10 Hour, 15 Hour, and 70/60 Hour rules. These rules are used to analyze the duty status data.  In addition, the program provides for California intrastate drivers, Alaska drivers, and the special provisions for Oil Field, Well Operations, Construction, and Utility drivers that can reset the 80/70 hour clocks with 24 consecutive off duty hours. The program will also do Noon to Noon log sheets.

For those drivers that take their LAPTOP computers with them in their trucks, and are able to run them while driving, the program uses the current time (from the computer operating system) to calculate available driving and sleeper times. The display shows potential violations that affect the available driving time. This is a real time display that is updated every 1 minute and rounded to 15 minute (1/4 hour) for log entries time. 

The program can accommodate more than one truck driver. Each driver is assigned a separate "folder" in the computer system were log data files are stored. Log data is stored in files where each file stores one month of data, and the files are named by month and year. Example: "Jan2003.LogData" stores the data for January 2003. 

For TRUCKING COMPANIES: There is no limit to the number of drivers (limited only by the license purchased) that can be monitored by the program. Each driver is assigned a separate "folder" to store log data files in. The number of folders is limited to disk storage space on the computer system. A "rapid duty status input" option is available that allows input of duty status records using mouse clicks on the log graph to select duty status and time with one click. This feature is convenient for analysis of a drivers manually maintained log books. The program features a large grid display option that makes the "rapid input" easier to use.  Contact the auther for prices of licenses for various numbers of drivers .
The program includes a Help system that is available at any time to explain program operation and program options. 

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