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2.46.19 10/15/2002
1. Repaired IFTA report to ignore lower rate in a quarter.
2. Repaired 'miles/gallons' fuel 'blank' report field for 'fill ups'.
2.46.18 10/01/2002
1. Repaired occasional problem printing of Recap under Windows XP.
2.46.17 09/26/2002
1. Repaired potential crash when clearing co-driver name from log sheet.
2.46.16 08/29/2002
1. Repaired potential crash when using DDVIR.
2. Repaired possible 'garbage' characters in print job 'name' in printer queue.
3. Added 16x16 DDL icon to DDVIR dialog.
4. Repaired state/prov. record validation.
2.46.15 08/09/2002
1. Repaired Expense report to include co-driver records.
2. Repaired State/Province list box to highlight selection.
2.46.14 07/21/2002
1. Added option to print all log days as one print job for faxing.
2. Added warning to let DDL print consecutive off duty days as one.
2.46.13 07/17/2002
1. Repaired and updated email send module to v1.01.
2. Added 'printed signature' option to DDVIR form.
3. Added email option to disconnect from dial up connection.
2.46.12 07/02/2002
1. Added option to stop drawing grid line at the last duty status.
2.46.11 06/30/2002
1. Added Hours Driving and Average Speed to Odometer Report.
2. Added menu item to toggle show/hide non duty status records.
3. Repaired potential crash in Print Preview Print button.
4. Repaired Odometer reports for truck and custom fields.
2.46.10 06/17/2002
1. Repaired Activity sub-record to show newest trailer first.
2. Enhanced DDVIR to add 'N/A' in addition to 'check' and 'X' marks.
2.46.9 05/20/2002
1. Repaired print preview problem when using system close button.
2. Repaired Speed Limit report 'Edit Record' button did not work.
3. Internal change to remove doc/view software architecture.
2.46.8 05/10/2002
1. Repaired Mile Marker field display in Location sub-record.
2.46.7 05/07/2002
1. Repaired Quick Pick list for duty status Remarks.
2.46.6 04/26/2002
1. Repaired problems updating/removing records with same time and data type.
2.46.5 04/24/2002
1. Repaired co-driver name not staying 'cleared'.
2. Repaired bitmap signature file name copied to newly created driver.
3. Changed so 'future' grid lines are not printed.
4. Repaired grid 'future' dashed line background not correct color.
5. Repaired so co-driver on log sheet is displayed if changed by user.
6. Repaired crash if manifest record from co-driver is requested.
7. Added Alt-E to show/hide Remarks - Odometer,Fuel,Revenue,Print, Days Out, and Logs Turned In records.
8. Added 'tool tip' help to grid windows.
9. Repaired Quick HOS input to include 1 minute option.
2.46.4 04/17/2002
1. Repaired missing 'Logs Turned In' Records.
2.46.3 04/16/2002
1. Added 'team' violations to Violation Report.
2. Added 'team' violations to 'Remarks'.
3. Adjust position of 'popup' date from record 'Set' date button.
4. Add Tractor/Trailer checks to 'set all ok' in DDVIR.
2.46.2 04/14/2002
1. Repaired 'red' printed log setting so DDL does not need to be restarted.
2. Added a smart 'tick' or 'no tick' option for new Comment records.
3. Repaired 'activity' combo drop down list to show most activity recent first.
4. Repaired switch to co-driver to 'load' and show co-driver grid.
2.46.1 04/12/2002
1. Repaired 'Today' button behavior in report dialogs.
2. Added Motor Carrier report.
2.46 04/08/2002
1. Added state/province validation to IFTA report.
2. Improved Odometer record transfer from previous record.
2.45.8 04/03/2002
1. Repair DDL does not display Dec 2001 log file, a recently introduced bug.
2. Repair Recap Hours of Service for the 'future' compared to current time.
2.45.7 03/29/2002
1. Improve the 6x1 printed grid for Rapid Log scanning.
2. Repair Days Out record entry.
3. Repair Remarks drop list so date time order works again.
2.45.6 03/25/2002
1. Repaired crash in 'Miles Driving' search feature.
2. Added Pre/Post trip 'set ok' buttons to DDVIR.
2.45.5 03/20/2002
1. Repaired backup/restore list control bugs.
2. Many internal changes for future 'server' version software.
2.45.4 03/10/2002
1. Repaired vehicle numbers list control.
2. Greatly improved grid/remarks list interaction performance.
2.45.3 03/08/2002
1. Improve grid/remarks list interaction performance.
2. Repair print preview when log screen is scrolled.
3. Remove software to save co-driver log records.
2.45.2 03/05/2002
1. Repaired co-driver switch bugs.
2. Enhanced manifest display window.
2.45.1 03/02/2002
1. Repair possible problems with email module settings.
2. Repair manifest description window text clipping.
2.45 03/02/2002
1. Added 6 inch by 1 inch printed grid option for 'Rapid Log' scanning system compatibility.
2. Changed printed log sheet to make better use of space on paper sheet.
3. Added capability to 'launch' DDL by selecting log file in 'My Computer' and 'Windows Explorer'.
4. Added quick calculation of 'Days Out' in 'Days Out' record entry dialog.
5. Added 'location/activity' field to 'Days Out' record.
6. Removed 'location/activity' field from 'Logs Turned In' record.
7. Added option to copy previous expense re-imbursable check mark.
8. Removed option to not display 'toolbar' in menu.
2.44.2 04/03/2002
1. Repair Recap Hours of Service for the 'future' compared to current time.
2.44 02/18/2002
1. Repair a subtle problem with 'split sleeper' rule.
2.43.1 02/11/2002
1. Adjusted behavior copying Miles Driving to Vehicle Miles if enabled.
2. Adjusted behavior copying Manifest records from previous day if enabled.
2.43 02/09/2002
1. Repaired bug in Miles Driving calculation using Odometer records.
2.42.8 01/26/2002
1. Added alphabetic sort option to locations/activities drop lists.
2.42.7 01/24/2002
1. Changed Miles Driving hours to 'stop' at current time if used.
2. Fixed printed color of two line Manifest to black instead of red.
2.42.6 01/14/2002
1. Fixed slow calculation of Monthly Summary and Violations introduced in recent version.
2.42.5 01/14/2002
1. Added time display options - 12AM and Midnight/Noon.
2.42.4 01/13/2002
1. Repaired duplicate record bug in update data records introduced in v2.42.3.
2. Repaired missing display of co-driver 'grid' when log day is changed.
2.42.3 01/09/2002

1. Added 'non-taxable' miles to Odometer records for IFTA report.
2.42.2 01/03/2002
1. Repaired bug in 'Missing Logs' report introduced in recent version.
2.42.1 12/31/2001
1. Added Violation Report summary.
2.42 12/30/2001
1. Added Violation Report improvements including CSV file and variable dates.
2.41.3 12/26 2001
1. Repaired problem editing records with same type and same date and time.
2.41.2 12/09/2001
1. Added quick HOS entry to recap details screen.
2. Added list of drivers to co-driver edit dialog.
2.41.1 12/06/2001
1. Repairs date error in multi-driver summary reports.
2.41 12/05/2001
1. Added 4 vehicle number fields to Activity sub-record feature.
2.40.10 12/01/2001

1. Changed time displayed 12:00 AM to 12:59 AM to 00:00 AM to 00:59 AM.
2. Increased text displayed in Manifest field to two lines of text.
2.40.9 11/23/2001
1. Repair crash in 'adverse condition' rule introduced in 2.40.7.
2.40.8 11/22/2001
1. Repair a time/date bug in 'Rules on Fly' selection.
2. Added 'single click' new log record selection.
3. Repair lost program settings when changing to another driver.
2.40.7 11/21/2001
1. Improved Recap 'Quick HOS' hours entry process.
2. Repair 'New User Wizard' Quick HOS and Rules selection bugs.
3. Repair 'disappearing' new 'default' rule.
2.40.6 11/16/2001

1. Added print to file,save to CVS to Search Records Report.
2.40.5 11/14/2001
1.  Repair unnecessary 'Save Modified' messages introduced in v2.40.4
2.40.4 11/14/2001
1. Repair program level settings bug on switch to co-driver.
2.40.3 11/13/2001
1. Repair possible lost printed logs records when month changes.
2. Added more 'Now' button convenience to Date/Time setting controls.
2.40.2 11/09/2001
1. Repair Revenue Rate per Mile round from 2 to 4 decimals.
2.40.1 11/06/2001
1. Repair lost driver settings during switch to co-driver.
2. Minor adjustment for search for co-driver odometer record with same date and time.
2.40 11/05/2001
1. Repair switch to co-driver problem, not refreshed from log files.
2. Internal changes for better 'future' processing.
2.39.3 11/03/2001
1. Repair recap hours worked when 'current time' option is enabled.
2.39.2 10/28/2001

1. Repair 8 crash causes introduced in v2.39.1
2.39.1 10/27/2001
1. Improved Violations Report with violation options.
2. Added non-taxable fuel report option to Fuel Report.
2.39 10/26/2001
1. Added Location/Activity sub-records to Remarks.
2. Repair: added OFF-DUTY when co-driver is DRIVING as team violation.
3. Repair drop down quick pick list for co-driver, motor carrier, etc.
2.38.4 10/21/2001
1. Repair fuel dialog state/province select radio buttons.
2.38.3 10/17/2001
1. Repair Miles Driving to accept only total miles introduced v2.38.2.
2. Repaired 0.0 hours . Hours of Service violation report.
3. Duty status change at midnight is included in both days.
4. Add enable/disable the digitizer tablet if found in system.
2.38.2 10/14/2001
1. Added tenths to miles driving odometer values.
2. Repaired 'Add Record' button bug in Comment record dialog.
2.38.1 10/11/2001
1. Added pre-select duty status 'left click' on grid data record entry.
2. Repaired 'stuck' italic selection for user defined font.
2.38 10/08/2001
1. Changed data record dialogs to remove 'tabs'.
2. Added feature to 'copy' log records to another log day.
3. Rules on the Fly selection is now a setting so it can be disabled.
2.37.2 10/01/2001
1. Repaired log files restore to 'refresh' from restored log files.
2.37.1 09/30/2001

1. Added edit record feature to popular reports.
2. Repaired undo/paste problems.
3. Repaired missing log screen visual updates.
2.37 09/29/2001
1. Added driver 'clone' feature for motor carrier auditors.
2. Repaired Kilometers in Canada setting.
3. Repaired truck stop not recorded in fuel stop record.
2.36.8 09/28/2001
1. Repaired multi-driver monthly summaries reports.
2.36.7 09/27/2001
1. Repaired some settings issues for team drivers.
2.36.6 09/26/2001
1. Repaired crash in Violations Report Send To File option.
2. Quick pick combo boxes added to some log sheet fields.
2.36.5 09/25/2001
1. Repair grid not being re-drawn after Quick HOS dialog.
2. Faster smoother internal data handling.
3. Show/Hide CoDriver grid without switching to CoDriver.
4. Repair bug in Miles Driving using Odometer records.
5. Repair missing print to file features in Revenue report.
2.36.4 09/04/2001
1. Print Log Days 'Notice' and minor calendar adjustments.
2. Save log data to 'Read Only' files.
2.36.3 08/31/2001
1. Repair bitmap signature scroll problem.
2.36.2 08/23/2001
1. Added 'X' mark in addition to 'check' mark for DDVIR form.
2.36.1 08/02/2001
1. Changed log file header record.
2.36 07/31/2001
1. Added feature to change log day start hour 'on the fly'.
2.35.3 07/28/2001
1. Repaired repeated 'Save Modified' message.
2.35.2 07/22/2001
1. Added missing logs records and report for auditors.
2.35.1 07/20/2001
1. Added daily average MPH violations to violation report.
2.35 07/05/2001
1. Added Days Out record/report for per-diem days calculation.
2. Repaired bug miles driving record conversions from old DDL versions.
3. Modified print log days 'Select All' selection process.
4. Repaired help topic access for driver duty status dialog.
5. Minor improvements in Quick HOS dialog.
6. Repaired minor bug in keyboard entry of duty status.
2.34.7 07/03/2001
1. Repaired possible 'crash' introduced in v2.34.5.
2. Added option to show Canada 'canceled' 4to8 violations.
2.34.6 06/16/2001
v2.34.6 - Repaired possible 'hang' when changing start of log day.
2.34.5 06/10/2001
1. Improved Backup and Restore of log files feature.
2. Repaired a miles driving to vehicle miles update bug.
2.34.4 06/05/2001
1. Repaired 'bring fwd' rule from previous month to current month.
2.34.3 06/03/2001
1. Repaired 'Now'/'Today' button problems when 'current time' turned off.
2. Changed so 'printed record' not included on printed log.
3. Repaired fuel MPG 'average' calculation.
4. Added a search for previous Miles Driving Today odometer record.
2.34.2 05/23/2001
1. Added option to show 0 in Miles Driving Today field on days off duty.
2.34.1 05/21/2001
1. Repaired CANADA recap calculation for hours worked last 6,7,or 13 days including log day.
2.38 05/21/2001
1. Repaired a serious data lose bug that affected team drivers.
2. Added some driver/co-driver data sharing features. Vehicle Numbers, Manifest, and 'Quick Pick' are 'shared'.
2.33.4 05/17/2001
1. Repaired possible Remarks list 'goes blank' problem.
2.33.3 05/15/2001
1. Repaired New Driver Wizard so user selected rule is used.
2. Repaired more Undo/Redo bugs.
3. Other minor adjustments.
2.33.2 05/12/2001
1. Repaired multi-driver monthly summary print problems.
2.33.1 05/08/2001
1. Repaired Undo/Redo/Paste features.
2.33 05/06/2001
1. Added print record to record printed status of log sheets.
2. Added print report to Print multiple Log Days dialog.
3. Added progress dialog/thread to monthly summary.
4. Added 'paste' so deleted records can be moved to another log day.
5. Other minor adjustments and improvements.
2.32.3 04/28/2001
1. Repair possible print multi-day logs problems on fast machines.
2. Ensure rules in settings files do not have 'adverse' hours set.
3. Repair log remarks not updated after a settings operation.
2.32.2 04/27/2001
1. Repair possible print multi-day logs problems on fast machines.
2.32.1 04/25/2001
1.Repair rules memo bug and rules order with same date/time.
2.32 04/24/2001
1. Added 'New user wizard' to help a new user of DDL.
2. Reorganized rules and improved ways for users to change rules.
3. Include 'fixed' data (motor carrier) when printing blank log.
4. Added a calendar control for date selection.
5. Repaired two save modified messages bug.
6. Added 'fill up' flag to fuel records for better MPG calculations.
7. Added a 'cut' and 'paste' method to move log data records to another log day.
8. Repaired problems where revenue/expense categories would not delete.
9. Modified Monthly Summary to combine Canada available hours columns.
10.Added SK,AB,YT,NT province rules, eliminated 60th Parallel.
11.Added capability to use +2 hour driving adverse conditions rule.
12.Added height adjustment to user specified handwriting fonts.
13.Added capability to copy odometer from previous expense/revenue record.
14.Repaired to not show 'future' violations when current time is turned off.
15.Other minor repairs and adjustments.
2.31.4 - 04/19/2001
1. Added 4th interpretation on Canada 120hr rule 24+ hrs off duty requirement.
2. Added quick Odometer record entry combined with Duty Status record entry.
3. Improved multi-driver Monthly Summary printing 'Cancel' operation.
4. Repaired bug in Miles Driving using Odometer Records when Driving starts exactly on Log Day start time.
5. Changed Remarks 'Hazardous Material' to 'Hazardous Material Tire Check'.
6. Allow change of Duty Status record time to 'outside' current log day.
7. Improved the mechanism that switches logs to co-driver.
8. Repaired bug when no driver is selected by user. v2.31.1
9. Adds print blank log sheet and print log data only option. v2.31.2
10.Adds option to copy manifest record from previous day. v2.31.2
11.Repairs problem when printing multi-days off duty on one log sheet v2.31.3
12.Adds 'preprinted' motor carrier information as option on printed blank log sheet v2.31.3
13.Adds font size adjustment to users 'handwriting' font if used v2.31.4
14.Repairs problems printing multiple driver monthly summaries. v2.31.5
2.30 - 02/25/2001
1. Changed from tree control to list control for lists or drivers and group folders.
2. Repair 'bitmap' signature display errors which affect driver teams.
3. Minor adjustments for showing '0' for Miles Driving field.
4. Restore option for adding 'any text' to Vehicle Miles field.
5. Improved access to Quick HOS option via the menu Edit.
2.29 - 02/05/2001
1. Added setting option to start log day at any hour of the day.
2. Added bitmap signature to DDVIR.
3. Added average cost per unit fuel to fuel report.
4. Added print multiple driver Monthly Summaries reports.
5. Minor repair to always start with a driver's last accessed log day.
6. Minor repair to disable appropriate 'buttons' during fuel/odometer/expense/revenue data entry.
7. Repair print preview to show multiple off duty days as needed.
8. Other minor repairs.
9. Added right mouse click to enter data records.
10. Modified DDL so driver's name and log file folder name are always the same.
2.28 - 01/25/2001
1. Improved fuel, odometer, revenue, expense data record input.
2. Repaired revenue and expense record data input bugs.
3. Repaired desktop 'residue' when DDL size changed.
4. Repaired vehicle numbers field to shift data down.
2.27 - 01/16/2001
1. Repaired a rule problem that affects Canadian drivers running USA rules via 'border crossing' DDL feature and relying on 'split sleeper' provisions.
2. Repaired Miles Driving report - zero values introduced in v2.25.
3. Repaired recaps displayed for Canadian drivers in USA.
4. Repaired Canadian Miles Driving to not display when 24 hrs off duty.
5. Repaired some errors in off duty and rules changes interactions.
6. Added all Recap options for Canadian drivers.
7. Repaired minor Email 'body' bug.
8. Improved quick keyboard duty status input.
9. Added notes on Canada 4to8 hr off duty implementation.
10. Improved fuel, odometer, revenue, expense data record input.
2.26 - 12/08/2000
1. Repaired crash if settings 'Copy Miles Driving to Vehicle Miles' is set.
2. Repaired printing of consecutive days Off Duty in the 'future'.
3. Repaired possible error in transferring 'miles driving' to 'vehicle miles'.
2.25 - 12/06/2000
1. Added 7 day summary as additional recap option.
2. Changed Vehicle Numbers and Miles Driving file data records.
3. Repaired Miles Driving to not show zero miles if no driving hours.
2.24 - 11/24/2000
1. Moved email feature to DLL so DDL runs on older Window 95 systems.
2. Changed Fuel report so Truck Stop field is last on right.
3. Add vehicle miles records to Canadian daily miles report.
4. Repaired Odometer report for Truck Ids not in upper case letters.
5. Added quick pick truck stop combo for fuel stop dialog.
6. Repaired Fuel Report to show gallons/liters if fuel cost is zero.
7. Repaired available hours in Info window when not driving.
8. Added minute based logging as an option.
2.23 - 11/17/2000
1. Added email feature to send log file attachments.
2. Added 'auto complete' to Remarks 'quick pick' combo box.
3. Repaired crash in Revenue report by Trip.
2.22 - 11/02/2000
1. Added Revenue per Mile/KM to Revenue report by trip.
2. Added capability to combine driver/Co-Driver miles for vehicle miles.
3. Added a search of log data records for text.
4. Added an accumulated duty status hours (1,2,3,4) report.
5. Repaired current time resets to 'on' bug on log month boundary.
6. Repaired Fuel record dialog to 'remember' miles vs. KM and gallons vs. liters preferences.
7. Added Miles and Revenue/mile to Settlement report.
2.21 - 10/25/2000
1. Added Texas 12/15/70hr/7day intrastate rule.
2. Added 'Cancel' to multiple day 'off duty' select dialog.
3. Added Canada 60th Parallel rule to 'on the fly' change.
4. Added Red to printed log sheet for scanned logs.
5. Added option to not print log grid 'ticks'.
6. Repaired predicted Canada HOS violation problem.
7. Limited violation hours to max of 24 hours.
8. Other minor repairs and adjustments.
2.20 - 10/07/2000
1. Added odometer list to Miles Driven Today USA dialog.
2. Repair odometer All Records report.
3. Repair IFTA surcharge calculation.
4. Added range date check to Off Duty days print on one log sheet.
2.19 - 10/06/2000
1. Added delta miles to Odometer all records report.
2. Repair fuel report for first report record zeroed even if miles
can be calculated.
2.18 - 10/05/2000
1. Repair Fuel Report Summary and Totals.
2. Added option to get Miles Driven from Odometer Records USA.
2.17 - 10/01/2000
1. Repair IFTA report for fuel purchased and no miles recorded
2. Add 'Do Not use distance to previous odometer record in reports' to
Odometer Record
3. Repair Fuel report to report incusing dates bug.
4. Repair Odometer report for all records to show last record.
2.16 - 09/22/2000
1. Repaired Fuel report, first report record did not show MPG.
2. Repaired Miles Driven report, did not always show hours driving.
2.15 - 09/14/2000
1. Added IFTA Fuel Tax report.
2. Added non-reimbursable expenses to settlement report.
3. Repaired other minor problems and adjusted report generation.
2.14 - 09/07/2000
1. Repaired Miles driven report last day not included.
2. Repaired Printing remember log day and restore to that log day.
3. Repaired Annoying File Save during printing.
4. Repaired problems with 'current time' when toggling 'turn current time off'.
5. Repaired violation hours in Monthly summary limited to 24 hours if necessary.
6. Added 'future' duty status on grid as dashed lines.
2.13 - 08/26/2000
1. Added check for multi-day off duty to single log day print.
2. Repaired minor bug in Quick Pick lists for recent duty status.
3. Added lenient Canada 120hr/14day interpretation on 24hrs off duty.
4. Added menu selection to 'toggle' use of current time.
5. Added ability to 'remember' DDVIR view size.
6. Added arrow key scrolling to DDVIR view.
7. Repaired/Adjusted help system topics, etc.
2.12 - 08/14/2000
1. Added speed limit analysis and report by State/Province.
2. Repaired 'Cancel' print on multi log day printing.
3. Repaired print multi-off duty days so last off duty day is printed.
4. Added 'pause' option to print if Remarks overflow to next page.
5. Added database of State/Province speed limits.
6. Added Recap Details 'button' to log day recap window.
7. Added 'classic' Hours last 7 and 8 days to recap details display.
8. Added day of week display to log date select dialog.
9. Repaired minor bug in fuel report regarding km/liter.
10. Repaired minor bug when 'scrolling' date into February.
11. Added 'Alt-A' and 'Alt-U' keyboard input to add/edit data records.
12. Added 'save last day accessed' instead of 'last day with duty status'.
13. Added Kilometers/Miles selection when entering Odometer records.
14. Repaired Odometer .csv file output to reflect reports generated.
2.11 - 07/22/2000
1. Added Truck Id to fuel report and corresponding reports.
2. Added button to copy previous day carrier, etc. in edit dialog.
3. Implemented alternate bitmap signature rendering for printed output.
4. Repaired bug in 'classic recap' that showed negative violation hours.
5. Change fuel gallons to show ###.### places instead of ###.#.
6. Repaired bug in recap if 24 Hrs On Duty for log day.
7. Added more crash prevention checking.
8. Removed restrictions on fuel record - cost, odometer, gallons.
9. Add third recap display option.
2.10 - 07/09/2000
1. Added State/Province to fuel report and added corresponding report.
2. Repaired bug/crash in touch pad input module.
2.09 - 07/01/2000
1. Repaired a potential crash.
2. Repaired other date related problems in v2.08.
2.08- 06/27/2000
1. Repaired Odometer Report for error in miles when Truck Id is changed.
2. Added export of Revenue/Expense records to Quicken in QIF format.
3. Added option to turn off the 'current time' feature.
4. Other minor enhancements.
2.07 - 06/15/2000
1. Repaired bug where DDVIR tractor/trailer info if 'cleared' did not stay cleared.
2. Added day of week to date display in status bar
3. Repaired revenue record category in data records if user changed revenue type.
4. Repaired potential crash in revenue record dialog.
2.06 - 06/09/2000
1. Add Recap Details dialog and reports.
2.05 - 06/07/2000
1. Adds Revenue/Pay records and a Settlement report.
2. Combine consecutive Off Duty days on one printed log sheet.
2.04 - 05/19/2000
1. Repaired bug where Company info, etc. would not always 'carry forward' to a new log day. This has been a long standing issue.
2. Added capability to 'launch' Quick HOS input dialog by 'left click' on Recap on log sheet.
3. Reorganized 'settings' to try to make the rules and border crossing easier to manage and to understand.
2.03 - 05/18/2000
1. Added option to not print expense/fuel/odometer records on printed log.
2. Added Quick HOS dialog popup when left mouse click on recap window.
3. Make settings OK, CANCEL, HELP buttons visible on a 640x480 screen.
2.02 - 04/28/2000
1. Added Expenses records and reports.
2. Changed fuel records to 'free floating' records, not tied to On Duty records.
3. TrueType font file selection for 'Drivers Hand Writing'.
4. Added Right 'click' pop up menu for remarks.
5. Bug repaired - changing duty status time did not always update display.
6. Added CSV (comma separated value) file output for Fuel report records.
7. Added Arrow key Quick' duty status input as option.
8. Fixed 'switch to' co-driver problem.
9. Fixed bug in Miles and Fuel reports, old records not cleared.
10. Added popup menu in grid to add a new data record.
11. Added sort option to remarks quick pick drop down list.
2.01 - 04/09/2000
1. Repair - Odometer report ignores date limits.
2. Repair - DDVIR Truck/Trailer fields not saved all the time.
3. Added a 'speed limit' test on the average MPH/KMH per log day.
2.00 - 04/02/2000
1. Added Truck/Trailer Id and Date to DDVIR form.
2. Repair - Duty status records in the 'future' should be ignored.
3. Repair - 'Quick HOS' hours in previous month not saved.
4. Made 'tick' mark a little longer so On Duty Not Driving shows it.
5. Copy Violations list to system 'Clipboard' and text file.
6. Added 'typed' Name in signature field as option.
7. Allow for 'close out' of log day before midnight.
8. Add more menu 'accelerator' keys.
9. Add keypad for 'rapid input' use.
10. Several additional minor adjustments and corrections.
2.00 Beta 5 - 03/12/2000
1. Corrected DDVIR display which did not update properly.
2. Improved printing of grid on 600dpi printers.
3. Added 'Null' Fuel records for setting odometer reading.
4. Added previous odometer field to fuel record.
5. Worked to minimize annoying Screen 'flashing' during start up.
6. Reworked multi-jurisdiction recap on log sheet for better display.
7. Multi-jurisdiction recap now shows 'domicile' jurisdiction first.
8. Repaired bug restoring program when program closed in minimized state.
9. Added option to turn Canada HOS rules off for auditors.
10. Beta 4 - Repair - Fuel record with zero cost would not calculate miles/gallon.
11. Beta 4 - Repair - HOS (70hr/8day) violation 'prediction' did not work properly.
12. Added capability to enter duty status records directly from keyboard.
13. Added capability to delete duty status records using DEL key on keyboard.
2.00 Beta 4 - 02/27/2000
1. Added Odometer records capability for state/trip/etc.
2. Corrected printed Miles Driving problem.
3. Corrected 'group' driver problems.
4. Corrected minor memory leak involving new driver
5. Added day of year to log sheet recap.
6. Added print to file option for all reports except summary.
7. Corrected bug in Mileage report - No Miles or MPH.
8. Added capability to fill in DDVIR on screen.
2.00 Beta 3 - 02/19/2000
1. Allow state intrastate/Federal rule switch 'on the fly' in addition to USA/CANADA rules switch.
2. Repair switch to co-driver causes crash v2.00 Beta 2.
3. Add 'notes' to violations and data records as appropriate - CANADA.
4. Print Violations from Dialog to a text file as option.
5. v1.33/v200 Fuel Record disappears with a duty status update.
6. v2.00 DDVIR space on printed log is not used for remarks when DDVIR print option is not used.
7. Shorten violation descriptions for violation dialog and remarks.
8. Put USA recap1 back into v2.00. The 'classic' log recap.
9. Repair v2.00 Beta 2 bugs in Driver status dialog for rules change tab.
10. Repair - Does not print multiple log sheets.
11. Repair Program starts one day into the future problem.
12. Put most recent remark as the first in combo drop down list.
13. Another Duty Status comment with a grid 'tick' added.
14. Log sheet Mileage fields for USA/CANADA repairs.
15. Added clear button on log sheet fields so previous day data is not used.
16. Repaired Help topic on Driver select - did not work.
17. Repaired transfer of Driving miles to Vehicle miles on log sheet.
18. Added Co-Driver switch to Co-Driver field + create driver folder if necessary.
19. Added check for illegal characters in Driver's name.
20. Other miscellaneous repairs and enhancements.
2.00 Beta 2 - 01/25/2000
1. Repairs a crash and several CANADA Driving/HOS rules bugs.
2.00 Beta 1 - 01/23/2000
1. Allows drivers to change the country rules 'on the fly'.
Useful for drivers who drive in both USA and CANADA.
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