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1.33 - 11/19/99:
1. Added 'brake test' stop (similar to hazmat tire check).
2. Added WA Intrastate rules (12 Hours driving/90 Hours/7Days).
3. Added Liters/100KM and MPG report items to Canada Kilometers and
Liters report.
1.32 - 10/30/99:
1. Could not delete a driver - was repaired.
2. Possible switch to co-driver 'hang' - repaired.
3. Switch to Co-driver button added to toolbar.
4. Improved previous duty status/remarks 'quick pick' selector.
5. Adjusted font sizes for REMARKS printout.
6. Other minor adjustments/repairs including cursor repairs.
1.31 - 10/16/99:
1. Log sheet re-sizes to match screen resolution.
2. Folder BROWSE button added to driver selection dialog.
1.30 - 09/12/99:
1. Canada - improved calculation speed of analysis regarding special
4to8 hours off duty counting as 8 hours off duty under certain
limited conditions.
2. Added combo list box to duty status dialog to show list of recent
duty status memos to select from. Useful to dedicated route drivers.
1.29 - 08/15/99:
1. Fixes a potential crash using Canada rules.
2. Fixes a bug in Canada split sleeper rule.
1.28 - 08/10/99:
1. Fixes resources depletion (eventual crash) in 'flicker' remover in v1.27.
1.27 - 08/07/99:
1. Fixed Canada rule when 4to8 hours off duty is mixed with sleeper berth.
2. Removed requirement for shlwapi.dll for Windows 95 systems.
3. Removed annoying 'flicker' when moving mouse over the Grid.
4. Fixed bug in v1.26 display of fuel records in Remarks list.
5. Added another odometer 'split' for Miles Driving field.
6. Other minor adjustments.
1.26 - 07/24/99:
1. Added Undo/Redo capability for log editing.
2. Fixed problems with system time check.
3. Other minor adjustments and repairs.
1.25 - 07/17/99:
1. Added CoDriver fuel records to Fuel Report.
2. Added check on system time compared to log day.
3. Other minor adjustments.
1.24 - 06/27/99:
1. Quick HOS entry for rapid HOS/Recap analysis.
2. Made vehicle identification display on log days with 24 hours Off Duty an Option.
3. Made program 'colors' compatible with user selected system colors.
4. Options added to hide Vehicle Miles Today, Co-Driver Name, and Home Terminal.
5. Other minor repairs and adjustments.
1.23 - 06/26/99:
1. Repairs problem: v1.22 will not load and run under Windows 95 and Internet Explorer earlier than 4.0.
1.22 - 06/24/99:
1. Adds capability to backup log files (and any other files) to another folder/drive from within the program.
2. Added capability to adjust 'current time' for time zones (For log inspectors). An inspector on the West Coast who needs to inspect the logs for a driver from the East Coast can now adjust the 'current time' by +3 hours without changing the computer system time clock.
3. Does not show any vehicle identification on log days with 24 hours off duty.
4. Repaired CA Agriculture rule for do not drive after 16 Hours On Duty.
1.21 - 06/09/99:
1. Fixes crash when using Cancel button in Driver Status/Remarks dialog.
1.20 - 06/06/99:
1. Co driver's log grid can be superimposed on current drivers log sheet.
Allows switching between driver and co driver.
2. Add fueling information records to On Duty Not Driving duty status as
option. Fuel Report is available.
3. Added CA agriculture intrastate Hours of Service rule.
4. Other minor fixes and adjustments.
1.19 - 05/24/99:
1. USA - fixes a bug in HOS calculation for FMCSR 395.1(d),(m), (n) , (o) drivers.
2. CANADA - changes interpretation of 120 Hours/14 Days rule for taking 24 hours off before accumulating 75 hours on duty.
3. CANADA - added option on display of Monthly Summary to show hours accumulated or hours available.
4. Other minor changes.
1.18 - 04/18/99:
1. Fixes a potential crash for CANADA regulations users.
1.17 - 03/27/99:
1. Added prediction of 70hour/7 day (etc. and Canada) violations to grid.
2. Added alternate interpretation of 10hr/15hr (and Canada) for split
sleeper. See Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for discussion.
3. Repaired Canada configuration so HOS selections are saved properly.
4. Added function key (F2 to F7) capability to selected menu options.
5. Other minor adjustments.
1.16 - 03/06/99:
1. Fixed problem in which a few configuration items were not saved.
1.15 - 03/04/99:
1. Tablet (digitizer) input as option.
2. Copy driver miles to vehicle miles as option.
3. Improve printing of violations on the duty status grid.
1.14 - 02/20/99:
1. Groups of drivers folders for log auditing work.
2. Other miscellaneous improvements and options.
1.13 - 01/01/99:
1. Repair Canadian rule affecting 4 to 8 hours once in 7 days.
2. Repair USA rules that allow reset of Hours of Service with 24 Hours Off Duty.
3. Allow two odometer "split" readings.
4. Auto save log data every 5 minutes as option.
5. Several miscellaneous enhancements.
1.12 - 01/27/99:
1. Implemented Canadian driving rules including Odometer display on log sheet.
2. Improved Monthly Summary including "Go to Log Date" capability.
3. Added "Shipping document, manifest number or name of Shipper and commodity" field to display Manifest Info type remarks.
1.11 - 01/08/99:
1. Add capability to print several days worth of logs at one time.
2. Other minor repairs and adjustments.
1.10 - 01/06/99:
1. Added capability to enlarge the duty status grid for better
"rapid input" using the mouse. One mouse click selects both duty and
time, which is useful for paper log analysis work.
2. Added Driver Id as an optional log sheet entry field.
3. Hazmat duty status remark adds log "tick" down to On Duty Not Driving.
4. Other minor repairs and adjustments.
1.09 - 12/04/98:
1. Added Drivers Daily Vehicle Inspection Report as print option.
1.08 - 11/21/98:
1. Repair Mileage Reports multiple page print.
2. Repair program first time run problem.
1.07 - 11/15/98:
1. Repairs print problems with Violations and Mileage Reports.
2. Adds driving hours and miles per hour to Mileage Reports.
3. Other miscellaneous repairs and minor enhancements.
1.06 - 11/08/98:
1. Vehicle numbers input to 4 separate lines.
2. Print Miles driven report.
3. Monthly Summary report configuration option for column order.
1.05 - 10/31/98:
1. The Day Light Savings time shift problem final solution.
2. Remarks list box was not drawn properly under NT 4.0.
1.04 - 10/25/98:
1. A new Day Light Savings time shift problem.
1.03 - 10/08/98:
1. Repaired problem with Hours Gained for 70Hour/6Day recap version 2.
2. Implemented the Noon to Noon log option.
3. Implemented California and Alaska hours of service rules,
4. Implemented special 24 Hour off duty Hours of Service reset provision.
5. Option added to store log data files to diskette in drive A:.
1.02 - 10/03/98:
1. Repairs crash in Summary and Violations due to day light savings time shift in October.
1.01 - 06/05/98:
1. Driver duty status did not carry over to new month.
2. Warranty screen for free software version. 
1.00 - 05/21/98:
1. Repaired Recap hours worked for recap 2 option.
2. Repaired quick input option to update data changed flags.
3. Repaired update of company name, etc. from one log sheet to another. 
0.99 - 04/09/98:
1. Repaired shift to day light savings time. 
0.98 - 03/01/98:
1. Minor changes and repairs. 
0.97 - 02/21/98:
1. Added Odometer readings to Total Miles Driving Today.
2. Repaired Remarks records other than Driver Duty Status changes. 
0.96 - 02/18/98:
1. Release for limited ALPHA testing. 

Software development started 23 Dec 1997

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