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DDL v2.x version history
DDL v1.x version history

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NOTE:  All Changes made in Drivers Daily Log (DDL) are included in iTruck. Changes made in iTruck only effect iTruck.

DDL v3.x


v3.6.0.02- 12/19/2014
1. Added a check for old 34 hour rule befoe 16-Dec-2014.

v3.6.0.01- 12/17/2014
1. Repaired a dll warning message.

v3.6.0.00- 12/16/2014
1. USA2011 rules. Remove 168 hour and 1to5am parts of 34 hour restart.

 Please read and understand...

The USA 2011 rules were published in Federal Register dated 27 Dec 2011.
The 'Enforcement Date' is still 01 Jul 2013. That is the date drivers in USA must be using the rule. DDL has designated this new rule as 'USA2011'.

As of 16 Dec 2014 the USA2011 Hours of Service (HOS) 34 hour restart requirement has been simplified by REMOVING the requirements for
1. 168 hours from Beginning of one 34 hour restart to Beginning of next 34 hour restart.
2. The two 1to5 AM periods requirement for valid 34 hour restart.

The 30-minute mandatory rest break was not eliminated and the 14-hour on-duty clock remains and it cannot be stopped.

v3.5.1.14- 08/10/2014

v3.5.1.13- 10/09/2013
1. Enhanced DDL iTruck Fuel Card report using Comdata fueling records.

v3.5.1.13- 09/21/2013
1. Activation problem repaired. Reference date updated.

v3.5.1.12- 09/16/2013
1. CSA violations tables updated to Aug 2013 version.
2. Remarks list box on screen display adjusted so grid markers are not 'clipped'.

v3.5.1.12- 09/11/2013
1. USA2011 restore 30 minute break for 395.1(o) drivers. Removed 08/12/13.
2. USA2013 add missing '30 minute break' violation in DDL iTruck
'Company' and 'Compliance' reports. - 09/05/2013
1. USA2011 repairs to 34 hour restart for CANADA/USA border crossings.
2. Repaired and modified CSV file output for 'Elaspsed Time Report'. - 08/21/2013
1. USA2011 - Add 'Next 34:' to Restart Remarks.
2. USA2011 - added shortened Restart remarks for printed logs.
3. Fix 34 hours grid marker. (was not showing up unless a duty status was checked) 27-Aug-2013 - 08/13/2013

1. Fixes several 'issues' with USA2011  34 hour restart - mostly 168 and 34 hour grid markers.

2. Fixes USA2011 oil field rule so software only does the 24 hour simple restart.

3. Updated Violation notes in Remarks. New 34 hour restart has three violations that will be displayed if a restart is NOT allowed:

    1. RESTART-NO-rules-no 168hr -- means that there has not been 168 hours since last restart.

    2.  RESTART-NO-rules-no 34 hrs -- means that there is less than 34 hours as required.

    3. RESTART-NO-rules-no 1-5AM -- means that the 2 1-5 am periods is missing - 07/20/2013
1. USA2011 repairs to occasional duplicated restart records. - 07/14/2013 - Updated Version
1. USA2011 repairs to '34' grid marker calculation and display. - 07/08/2013
1. USA2011 restart repairs and adjustments.
2. USA2011 becomes default rule if user does not select another. - 06/12/2013
1. Make sure USA2011 compliance 01 Jul 2013 rule is in Quick Pick List.
2. Repair USA2011 rules settings so 34 Hour restart can be 'turned off'. - 05/25/2013
1. Changed DNS hostname for trial activation server. - 04/29/2013
1. Updated Release Notes for USA 2011 New Hours of Service rules. - 04/17/2013
1. Added test for 'free bytes' on DDL data drive/folder. - 03/20/2013
1. Repairs 16 hour exemption in USA2005 rule to check for 10 hour break.
2. USA2011 HOS restart added failed notes to Remarks record. - 02/21/2013
1. Repairs 16 hour exemption in USA 2005 rule.
2. Repairs DDL iTruck Company Summary for errors in HOS violations classification.
3. Added Elapsed Time report option. - 01/31/2013
1. Implemented CSA2010 table changed from CSA2010 Dec 2012 release.
2. Added 'Elapsed Time' record and reports. - 10/06/2012
1. Repaired log printing so 'Team' violations can be shown in grid.
2. Modified 'simple' 'open/close' processing for better user understanding. - 06/24/2012
1. Repairs to handle 'last rule of the day' correctly for border crossing.
2. Repaired COMPANY_FIELD field processing in Violation/Commendation letters. 08/19/12 - 06/09/2012
1. Repaired problems with FUEL RECORDS report for DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). - 04/23/2012
1. Repaired implemented 168 hour window in
2. DDLiTruck modified settings for Fuelcards terminal state and city.
3. Added Blair Logistics, LLC to Print Module PRINT03 - 04/10/2012
1. Added FMCSA clarification regarding 34 hour restart and 168 hour 'window'. - 03/31/2012 - Updated 04/08/2012
1. Added 'Logs Turned In' report for 'Logs Turned In' records for drivers.
2. Updated J.B Hunt Print Modules to version
3. Added Express-1 Print Module to Print03 Print Modules. - 03/26/2012
1. Repaired 34 hour restart in USA2011 rule.
2. Repaired options selection - 03/24/2012
1. Repaired missing USA2011 Exempt rule.
2. Added DEF-Truck to default Expense catagories.
3. Added multi-driver 'duty status hours' report to DDL iTruck. - 03/16/2012
1. Added DEF diesel exhaust fluid option to Fuel Records/Reports.
2. Repaired multiple identical violations in Remarks list. - 03/10/2012
1. Repaired CANADA2007 rules Grid Markers for Section 14(3) Daily Off-Duty. - 03/01/2012
1. Some USA2011 rules processing repairs. - 02/26/2012
1. Added USA2011 duty status rules as a rules option.
2. 28Feb2011 - Repaired USA2011 14 hour rule so violation only occurs if
driving past limit. - 11/12/2011
1. Add CSV wo Header template option to DDL iTruck FuelCards.
2. Fixed bug so Odometer All Records report on 'delta miles' option works. - 07/01/2011
1. Added 2 optional grid lines - OffDuty OnSite and OffDuty Driving. The only print Modules that will display these new grid lines is DDL Classic, we will work on DDL OCR in the next few weeks. In order to Use the OffDuty OnSite you will need to have Oil Field rule enable. OffDuty Driving can be displayed by enabling the settting from Settings menu. Log Sheet
2. 15Aug2011 - Added field to CSA2010 record to store path to scanned image of DOT inspection form.

3. Add new help file on right side for Activation request. Also added new help topic in main DDL help file.

 Need Help Updating your DDL? Click Here. - 04/26/2011
1. Added rule option for CAN207 Sect 25 - 24hr off-duty in previous 14 days -
to allow a 24 hour off-duty that has started in previous day to extend into
current log day.
2. 28Apr2011 - repaired Canada recap bug resulting from option added above.
3. 13May2011 - repaired failure to copy registration state/prov when selecting
power unit from previous list to 'open'.
4. 01Jul2011 - add 'Exit after Add Record' to Odometer entry dialog. - 11/01/2010
1. Added CSA2010 record/report for tracking driver and vehicle violations.
2. Added DDVIR report of Pre and Post trip inspections recorded in duty status
3. Repaired a crash in Trip report to .csv (comma separated value) file.
4. Added setting to enable/disable bitmap signature printing. 02 Feb 2011
5. Added setting to print 'Shipper/Commodity' from Manifest 22 Feb 2011 - 04/14/2010 Updated 26-Sept-2010
1. Repaired problem in 395.1(o) 16 hour exception rule.
2. Repaired maintenance PM warnings to include Days and Hours elapsed test.
3. Repaired problem in 395.1(e)(1) 100 air-mile radius property driver.
4. Added option to violations reports to include 'canceled' violations.
5. Added option to not 'carry' non-driving location in duty status input.
6. Repaired 24 hour restart grid marker to show 24 instead of 34.
7. Added option to display elapsed hours in hours minutes (10h30m) instead of decimal hours (10.50), useful for 1 minute logs.
8. Added Comdata standard fuel card template to DDL iTruck log auditing.
9. Added 34 hour restart to AK instra-state rule.
10. 15Sep2010 - Repaired Total Miles in Odometer report for 'Odometers at borders' report.
11. 26Sep2010 - Repair crash in Manifest records. - 03/08/2010
1. Repaired Equipment Hours report to include 'Custom' field in equipment hours record.
2. Days Out records/reports adds a Per Diem category.
3. Added automatic copy of city and state 'location' from previous duty status to new status record, if new duty status record is NOT Driving.
4. 06Apr2010 Repaired 'garbled' printed 7 day recap if no HOS rule specified. - 01/15/2010-Updated 02/23/2010
1. Repaired activation process which failed to 'hold' during normal update of DDL to latest version.
2. Added capability to store 3 (up from 2) activations to accommodate DDL installed on removable drives - USB or camera flash cards, and external hard drives. You will still need to activate on each computer, then after activating copy the whole Drivers Daily Log folder onto the 2nd or 3rd computer, then Activate and follow the same procedure for a 3rd if needed. After that moving the whole DDL folder will not deactivate , unless it is not on one of the 3 computers activated.
3. Added more 'cleaning' of ActivationCode entered by DDL user.
4. 31 Jan 2010 - Added State/Province field to Power/Towed records for License Plate.
5. Repaired detection of Simple MAPI interface so DDL can send email with log files attached if Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail local
email programs are available.
6. Add 'path to scanned Manifest image' field to Manifest record.
7. 02 Feb 2010 - repair towed unit data entry bug introduced 21 Jan 2010.
8. 21 Feb 2010 - repair PM Interval 0 for turning PM warnings off. Add/updated help and tweaks for Maintenance Records and Equipment records -- see help file.
9. 21 Feb 2010 - Update USExpress print module for Trip information
10. 22 Feb 2010 - added power/towed vehicle license plate data to print modules.
11. 22 Feb 2010 - Repaired TranX print module. - 12/29/2009
1. Improved CAN2007 driver information window warning for SECT 25
24 hours off-duty required in previous 14 days.
2. Modified 'Edit Data Record' in Reports to better match selected
report record to data record. - 11/15/2009
1. Modified activation process and added activation help topics.
2. Repaired Canada 2007 Sect 16 deferral analysis so 'deferral question' does not appear repeatedly for users of 1 minute logs.
3. Added option to Monthly Summary report to ignore future HOS 'restarts' as an option.
4. Added a 'link' to DDLCustomers program for CustomerID 'look up'.
5. Added improvements to DDL iTruck Fuel Card reports processing, including RED grid ticks for Fuel Card records.
6. Modified Fuel Report so Miles/Gallon is default to calculate MPG only on 'fillups'.
7. Modified DDLiTruck so InstallationID does not show if program launched from server. - 09/18/2009
1. Repaired excessive CAN2007 calculation times introduced in v.
2. Repaired error in CAN2007 grid marker for cycle switch restart.
3. Repaired Monthly Summary report so 'current time' is off.
4. Repaired Canada Section 63 oil field rule so 'Cycle 1' or 'Cycle 2' is
not displayed or printed on log. - 09/15/2009
1. Repair Canada 120hr/14day rule for a hours of service restart with valid cycle 1 to cycle 2 36hrs or cycle 2 to cycle 1 27hrs off-duty periods.
2. Repaired settings so DDL Lite so Trip, Manifest, and Details for Drivers records are forced to be enabled.
3 Repaired settings so DDL Lite enables Simple 'open'/'close' - 07/31/2009
1. Added more removal of user entered unnecessary 'open'/'close' records in
2. Updated Customer Database to allow image or anything else to be saved and displayed 2-Aug-2009. - 06/11/2009

1. Repaired problem in USA rule 395.1(o) in which 16 hour exception once in 6 days was not enforced.
2. Set 'classic' and 'OCR' print modules to print vertical remarks as default setting. 25 Jun 2009
3. Added Periodic Maintenance (PM) schedule examples to Maintenance record data entry dialog. 14 Jul 2009
4. Added Trip, Manifest, and Maintenance records as specific data types to search for in 'Search Data Records' report.
5. Added more removal of user entered unnecessary 'open'/'close' records in
6. Updated Gainey Print Module to new Version 4. Added Covenant Transport log to DDLRAIR02 Print module. - 06/11/2009
7. Updated Landstar Print module to new format to DDL340LANDSTAR.EXE Print module. - 06/11/2009 - 05/17/2009 - Updated 06/09/2009
1. Added interface between DDL and print module to pass inspection records to print modules that need that information.
2. Added capability print violation/commendation letters to DDL iTruck multi-driver violations report.
3. Make DDL Windows 7 Version 'aware'; Major = 6, Minor = 1;
4. Repair a bug in File/Menu/Backup or Restore in which an backup driver/folder is not always recognized because DriversDailyLog.INI is missing.
5. Fuel record Discount Price Per Unit decimal places increased from 3 to 5 for saved value.
6. Repairs to Print multiple days logs in which date controls do not always appear in correct location on screen.
7. Add buttons to link to DDL install programs on internet for update.
8. Added Canada postal code 'NL' for 'NewFoundLand/Labrador'.
9. Added grid ticks to printed logs for flagged inspections.nt violation/commendation letters to DDL iTruck multi-driver violations report.
10. Updated Westside Print Module to add Pre-Trip and Post Trip location information.
11. Repaired DDL Classic print bug, that would move and print remarks in date area on log.
12. Repaired Conway Print Module Recap. - 04/12/2009
1. Changes to interface between DDL and all print modules. - 03/21/2009
1. Repaired Edit Motor Carrier in Simple Records enabled mode.
2. Modified 'New Data' dialog to better 'fit' on 600 vertical pixels which is vertical resolution 'netbook' computers.
3. Added automatic copy of driver folders and settings if DDL is re-installed in some folder other than in system 'C:\Program Files'. - 03/15/2009
1. Added 'Tracking Number' field to Manifest and Trip records.
2. Modified so 'RUNASADMIN' is not set in registry if DDL program and data are not in system 'Program Files' folder.
3. Added 'Draw Grid Tick' option to Odometer records. - 02/14/2009
1. Added Duty Status 'flags' for Pre-Trip and Post-Trip inspections.
2. Added 'Fuel cards' audit capability to DDL iTruck.
3. Added 'Reefer' to Remark for Fuel purchase record for reefer fuel.
4. Added 'Road' field to Odometer record/reports for trip reporting.
5. Added a periodic driver details report for records with 'expires' dates. "Warning"
6. Reactivated 'Current Time' adjustment to computer system time so DDL Current Time matches driver's Home Terminal time.
7. Updated help files for Drivers Duty Status and Maintenance Records.
8. Moved PM Add/Edit button up to PM section for easier access.
9. Added new option to Keller 0801 print module, to print the DDVIR sideways on the log page.
10. Repaired log display date 'Prev' and 'Next' arrow buttons which failed to 'pop up' on occasion. - 01/05/2009
1. Added 34 hour restart to Texas intra-state rule.
2. Added 'grid markers' to Texas intra-state rule.
3. Added 'grid markers' to Florida intra-state rule.
4. Added 'grid markers' to USA Passenger Carrying rule.
5. Removed Revenue category verification which causes confusion.
6. Added printer interface options for Print02 - NFI print module.
7. Repaired potential 'open' and 'close' problems introduced in v3.4.4.6.
8. Added printer interface options for PRINT03 - Boyd Brothers and Navajo Express 17 Jan 2009.
9. Added Scanware 222 log form to Print04.
10.Modified printed record to only record changes to duty status records since log log was printed.
11.Modified 'classic' DDVIR so Motor Carrier name and address is printed on off-duty days. - 12/14/2008  -- 01/01/2009
1. Added DDL multi-driver IFTA report as option to single driver IFTA
report. Not in iTruck.
2. Repair possible 'garbage' text in reports dialog 'tab' for one or two
3. Repair potential 'crash' when selecting drivers one at a time for
multi-driver reports.
4. Added F11 launch of DDLcustomers application. (DDL Customer has to be installed in Drivers Daily Log main folder, in order for F11 to work.)
5. Added fuel card report to create fuel record for DDL iTruck.
6. Added motor carrier name and home terminal information to 'classic' DDVIR. - 11/04/2008
1. Repair problem introduced in v3.4.4.3 26 Oct 2008 for Canada 2007
rule for Section 14 Daily Off-duty in which daily 10 hour was not
calculated properly. Repair Sections 14 and 16 to allow deferral of missing daily off-duty per Section 14(1) in addition to missing 2 hour per Section 14(3).
2. Add detection for VISTA 64 version of OS. - 10/14/2008
1. Added Revenue minus Expenses report.
2. Added Fixed (recurring) Expense record and report.
3. More Settlement report improvements.
4. Added Discount fields to Fuel record and report.
5. Repair DDL so print module print preview is displayed in correct size
based on DDL main window size when DDL is initially installed.
6. Add default truck stop list to Fuel record data dialog.
7. Add more notes to display to user when activation fails.
8. Repair so Fixed Expense records can be filtered to not print.
9. Repair Canada 2007 rule for Section 14 Daily Off-duty and Section 16 - Deferral of daily off-duty time.
10.Modified 'rapid input' processing depends on 'single' or 'double clicks' setting 'Use Double Clicks in Grid' setting.
11.Add confirmation required for keyboard 'DEL' of data record from Remarks.
12.Clarify duty status rules options for CALIFORNIA intra-state rules. - 09/15/2008 10/09/2008
1. Improved Settlement report so user can use any date range without
having to set DDL log date.
2. Modified activation processing so DDL should activate when program
Macro Express is active on computer system.
3. Modified print module list display so list is built and displayed if
a 'selected and saved' print module is missing.
4. Added 'Load Seals' field to Manifest record and reports.
5. Repaired 'Time Zone Correction' stored setting to 0.
6. Added suggested Expense and Revenue category lists.
7. Added discount to Fuel records and reports.
8. Added Revenue minus Expenses report. - 06/29/2008
1. Repaired 395.1(g) split break bug introduced in v3.4.4.0.
A 2 and 8 split break with 2 hour break of only off-duty would
cause split break to fail to exclude 8 hour sleeper from 14 hours.
2. Modified 'Hours Paid' data entry in Drivers Duty Status Dialog so 'left click' on Driving or On Duty Not Driving in grid sets 'Hours Paid' if is enabled in DDL Settings. Added 'Hours Paid' to help index.
3. Repaired failure to copy 'warning threshold' miles/hours/days when entering a new maintenance record.
4. Modified DDL so print module request for CoDriver ID also looks in current driver's CoDriver record, if CoDriver's Motor Carrier record does not have a DriverID.
5. Repaired bug introduced in v3.4.3.21 which failed to copy 'Location' from Fuel and Maintenance record to linked Expense record.
6. Repaired missing date range controls from DDL iTruck reports
introduced in 09 Jun 2008.
7. Repaired possible missing CANADA 2007 'exclusion' data record for possible split sleeper in which future sleeper berth is pending.
8. Added fields to Manifest record/report. Piece Count, Weight, Temperature, Pallet Count, Pallet Wt, Slip/Floor.
9. Remove 'Time Zone Correction' from DDL. Remains in DDLiTruck only. DDL users should set computer system time to 'home terminal' time.
10.Added signature and certification to Maintenance reports for towed units and equipment reports for submission to motor carrier.
11.Repaired so Equipment 'open' records carry forward from previous month to current month.
12.Removed CTRL-SHIFT-C key combination to clear log day records
from DDL 'Full' and 'Lite'.
13. Updated U.S. Express print module so Trip number is larger font. - 06/28/2008
1. Modified USA 2005 rule for 'modified split sleeper' per clarification,
received from FMCSA, on when 14 hour clock starts in an '8 and 2'  situation. 14 hour clock starts when 8 but less than 10 hour
sleeper ends even if switching duty status to Off Duty for a total
break that is less than 10 hours required for complete reset of both 14 hour and 11 hour clocks.
2. Repaired DDL 'Lite' so Comments records are printed reliably.
3. Repaired print multiple days feature which caused possible data file corruption if start day of multiple days print was set to older than previous month to log day.
4. Repaired misplacement of date range controls in Fuel Report if
Monthly Summary report is run before Fuel Report.
5. Modified printing 'Print' from toolbar, so user can decide to
'close' current log day for printing, more conveniently.
6. Added validation of MI/KM in Odometer data which compares to MI/KM in active PowerUnit record.
7. Repaired missing date controls in 'Logs Turned In' data entry dialog, introduced in v3.4.3.23 - 05/15/2008 Updated 26-Jun-2008
1. Added 500 gal flammable tanker 10hrs driving to CA intrastate rules.
2. Repaired maintenance report question so 'NO' user response is effective.
3. Repaired Vehicle Miles Today data entry dialog to display text properly if no odometer values entered by user.
4. Updated all JJ Keller Print Modules to check that DDL Version is the latest before running. If not Print Module will not run, until DDL is updated.
5. Added Schneider Canada Log to Print Module list.
6. Updated Crete Print Module.
7. Updated Schneider Print Module US and Canada -- Leading zeros. Added P and T to US DDVIR for Power Unit and Trailer.
8. Updated DDL and DDL GPS module to May 2008 US zip codes, added Canadian Province Code. Update help file for GPS.
9. Repaired print multiple days feature which caused possible data file corruption if start day of multiple days print was set to older than previous month to log day.
10. Repaired misplacement of date range controls in Fuel Report if Monthly Summary report is run before Fuel Report.
11. Modified printing 'Print' from toolbar, so user can decide to
'close' current log day for printing more conveniently.
12. Added validation of MI/KM in Odometer data which compares to MI/KM in active Power Unit record.
13. Repaired California 2007 rules 16 hour violation description. 27 May 2008
14. Added 'Odometers at borders' to Odometers report 31 May 2008
15. Added Mercer Print Module to 0815 print module.
16. Added Con-way Truckload print module to print module list # 6012008 - 04/16/2008
1. Added 'warnings' to Maintenance report for pending Periodic Maintenance (PM) required.
2. Added software to set license data file to 'Read/Write' during read operations.
3. Repaired 'Remember print module' check box in print module selection dialog.
4. Repaired crash in 'New Data' for 'Driver Details' tab.
5. Modified so CoDriver's ID is extracted from CoDriver's Motor Carrier records instead of CoDriver records for current driver for print modules.
6. Repaired 'extra' backup processing so user get chance to 'reset' 'extra' backup after selecting 'current' file for month and year.
7. Repaired combo box problems with Expense and Revenue categories
8. Disable time warning message when in DDVIR.
9. Added FFE Print Module.
10. Added Roehl Transport inc Print Module.
11. Added RAIR02-Generic, Gainey, Hogan, John Christner Print Module
12. Updated Schneider USA log. - 03/24/2008
1. Repaired problem introduced in v3.4.3.20 in which activation failed to hold.
2. Repaired Canada 2007 Section 16 - Deferral of Daily Off-duty Time to include off-duty time less than 30 minutes in total daily off-duty.
3. Repaired Trip Routed Miles record to warn about trying to enter exact duplicate of existing record.
4. Added timer so DDL reverts to 'current time' after 10 minutes if user turns off 'current time' grid marker and feature.
5. Repairs to Maintenance record data entry which failed to list
existing records back to one year ago.
6. Modified DDL so GPS settings to retrieve City,  State, Zip, County is saved in settings.
7. Added warning when printing a 'current' log day before day has ended when 'current time' has been turned off by user.
8. Updated J.B. Hunt print module (DDL version 4) - 03/16/2008 Only release for about 6 hours. Update to version as will not hold activation
1. Added multiple 'new' Manifest 'open' records without exit from
New Data dialog.
2. Fixed minor problem with pop up calendar. Did not respond to
'Today' button in date control.
3. Added more 'granularity' to trial and subscription days.
4. Serve trial ActivationCodes from internet server.
5. Miles vs Kilometers repairs in Daily Miles Driving for speed
limit checking.
6. Use reports settings for KM/MI in Daily Miles Driving report. - 02/12/2008
1. Added automatic launch and exit if DDL_GPS program is installed.
2. Repair Revenue/Expense 'Remarks' dropdown list problem introduced
3. Repair Expense category dropdown list problem introduced on
4. Improve digital signature so DDL is more acceptable to VISTA.
5. Added alphabetical sort option to Manifest/Trip record
Origin/Destination drop lists.
6. Repaired Fuel Report for missing column Liters/100KM. - 02/01/2008
1. Added test to create empty Driver_Folder.INI if missing, in
folder containing '.LogData' DDL data files.
2. Repaired Canada 2007 Sect 14(2) check for 30 Minute minimum for
off-duty in 8+ hours.
3. Repaired Canada 2007 Sect 14(3) for possible use of same
off-duty time for two days of daily off-duty. 'double dipping'.
4. Added Audit setting to 'show Canada 2007 2 hours off-duty in grid' as
'cyan' color bars at top of grid.
5. Updated Prime print module to allow other Motor Carrier information to
be printed if different from Prime Inc.
6. Updated Keller 0315 Print Module.
7. Added 'Get DDL_GPS Location' button in Location Record data dialog
so getting location data from DDL_GPS application is more convenient. - 01/19/2008
1. Repaired Monthly Summary for possible incorrect violations when
'Previous Month' or 'Next Month' buttons selected in report.
2. Added 'Border Crossing' and 'Rules Records' as event ticks to
be optionally printed as 'ticks' on the grid.
3. Modified Monthly Summary so report returns to original log date
unless 'Go To Date' selected in report.
4. Repaired for possible missing 'red' violations in log grid display. - 12/28/2007
1. Added Hazmat UN/NA numbers field to Manifest record/reports.
2. Added code to make sure data read from 'extra' backup is 'new' data
so data gets saved to 'current' file.
3. Added option to restore backups from DDL 'extra' backup folders.
4. Changed IFTA MPG/KPL to x.xx (2 decimal places) per IFTA specs.
5. Repaired a print error in which consecutive days off duty spanning
into next month and 'split' at month end would not print the log
with consecutive off duty days in next month.
6. Added 'Get Prev Location' button to 'locations' dialog.
7. Improved MI/KM handling for MileMarker field in locations dialog.
8. Converted Notes and Custom data entry controls in Revenue and
Expense data entry dialogs from edit to combo boxes.
9. Added accommodations for possible odometer 'rollover' to 0 to
Odometer report.
10.Modified trips selected, for routing programs, to include last log date
as default if trip is not 'closed'. - 12/15/2007
1. Added 'Equipment Hours' record/report for maintenance.
2. Added 'Hours Paid' to duty status record/reports.
3. Repaired a 'crash' when trying to run DDL Full or Lite
from a network server.
4. Updated Maintenance Record to add Towed and Equipment check
boxes to include in list for each type. By default one vehicle
is checked.
5. Changed Maintenance Record to look back 365 days from today for
Equipment. Allows for extended time for such equipment as APU
and Reefer units.
6. Added 'flush buffers to disk' to data files write operations.
7. Repaired problem calculating consecutive days off duty for
2nd log on page for print modules with 2 logs per page. - 11/27/2007
1. Added 24 hrs off-duty in prev 14 days requirement to CANADA
2007 recap.
2. Repaired 'Personal Miles' data entry so data is saved properly.
3. Added 'Personal Miles' adjustment to 'Miles Driving' data entry
4. Added warning message to DDL iTruck if Wordpad is not associated
with Violation/Commendation letter files.
5. Modified so program settings file is always in same folder as
DDL program files.
6. DDL idle processing moved to 1/2 second timer interval.
7. Repaired 'Vehicle Numbers' description not displayed if DDL launched
on off-duty day with setting enabled to not show vehicle numbers.
8. Repaired possible crash in Canada 2007 rule introduced 29 Oct 2007.
9. Added DDL iTruck option to enable Power/Towed records if Vehicle
Numbers field is selected. 12/05/2007. - 11/16/2007
1. Added California 2007 intra-state rules for property carrying drivers.
2. Added capability in DDL to remove print modules.
3. Added 'Personal Miles' for Canada rules. Also useful for USA.
4. Enhanced recap details report so rules from 'Rules Quick Pick List' can be selected for report.
5. Added 'Start Time' to left of grid to display what is selected in setting menu. A Motor Carrier determines the start time. Do not confuse this 'Start Time' with 'Shift Start time'. - 10/31/2007
1. Modified HOS Hours Available on 'current' log day so current time is used to limit Hours Available if restart earned time is in the 'future' compared to computer system 'current time'.
2. Added Canada 2007 log/DDVIR to JB Hunt print module.
3. Added Pre-trip and Post-trip check boxes to Canada DDVIR forms in 'classic' print module.
4. Repaired Canada Cycle 1 or 2 determination for a log day.
5. Repaired possible crash in reports that use $CN/$US currency
conversion. - 10/03/2007
1. Repaired problem running DDL iTruck on LAN introduced in
2. Repaired 'New Data' tabbed dialog so time of day is 'global' to
all 'tabs' of the dialog.
3. Repaired 'Trip Routed Miles' Set Time for dedicated route scenario.
4. Repaired forward date button failure to 'pop up'.
5. Repaired Maintenance record input so 'Nature of Work Performed'
field must have a description.
6. Removed field width limitation on Origin/Destination combo boxes.
7. Changed how PM's in Maintenance Date Record is selected. You can now
double click on a highlighted PM to select it.
8. SWIFT Print Module updated -- On days that there is no duty status the
DDVIR is blank and no signature if off-duty day's. 18-Oct-2007 - 09/18/2007
1. CANADA 2007 repair Sect 14(3) if two consecutive 8 hours off-duty
in day. Violation issued in error.
2. Cosmetic Recap size adjustment to printed log in .pdf file. - 08/11/2007
1. Repaired Monthly Summary report for failure to sum up multiple
violations in same log day, introduce with CANADA 2007 changes.
2. Added CANADA 2007 regulations to DDL iTruck multi-driver reports
Company Summary and Compliance Summary.
3. Added 'ACTUAL_DATE' field to DDL iTruck letter templates to drivers.
4. Added 'Cut data record' to 'right click' menu in Remarks list.
5. Added 'RUNASADMIN' entry to system registry for VISTA OS. 10Sep2007
6. Repaired classic DDVIR so it uses correct start of log day. 15 Sep 2007 - 07/23/2007
1. CANADA 2007 added DDVIRs to classic print module for Schedules
1, 2, and 3.
2. Repaired print modules for printing consecutive off-duty days.
Consecutive log days that 'span' end of one month into next month.
3. Repaired recap report for displayed date restart earned.
4. Repaired Simple Records data entry to match enabled records in settings.
5. Modified record Copy/Paste so data can be copied to CoDriver. - 07/21/2007
1. Repaired an activation problem introduced in v3.4.3.6. - 07/01/2007
1. Added 'Border Crossing' and 'Relief from Regulation' data records.
2. Updated Boyd Brothers Print Module to V3. - 06/09/2007
1. CANADA 2007 repaired daily 10 hours off-duty grid marker calculation.
2. CANADA 2007 repaired for Section 16. deferral of daily off-duty time
bug introduced 03 May 2007
3. Added RoutedMilesOrKM records and reports to enhance recording of
routed miles.
4. Modified the default records enabled for DDL iTruck 'New Data' dialog. - 05/29/2007
1. Repaired CANADA 2007 16 hour duty period start time for split sleeper
2. Repaired potential crash in Trips report.
3. Added 'Switch to Rules on the Fly' button to Duty Status page in
'New Data'.
4. Modified duty status rules settings to isolate obsolete rules.
5. Modified Landstar print module recap information.
6. Repaired Make and Model combo action in Power/Towed edit page. - 05/07/2007
1. Repaired activation problems for DDL 'Lite'.
2. Repaired 'classic' print module problems - missing vehicle unit
description on consecutive days off-duty and missing Red color.
3. Modified DDL iTruck so Manifest and Trip records/reports can be disabled.
4. Modified DDL iTruck so Driver, Audit, Group Details 'tab' in
'New Data' dialog can be disabled. - 05/04/2007
1. Repaired CANADA 2007 daily off-duty analysis and 10D grid marker.
2. Added negative page margins to Classic print module settings.
3. Repaired multi-day printing for Canada DDVIR for missing power/towed.
4. Repaired multi-day printing for OCR/PDF print module crash. - 05/01/2007
1. Repaired missing Audit setting in 'classic' print module to NOT
print Remarks records.
2. Repaired crash in DDL iTruck multi-driver report.
3. Repaired CANADA 2007 10D daily off-duty grid marker display.
4. Interface between DDL and ProMiles XDF (v12) - 04/23/2007
1. Repaired search for previous trip numbers to stop search if using
Trip records and Trip 'closed' record found.
2. Added CANADA 2007 - Section 63 - Oil Well Service rule.
3. Added forced update every 9 months to ensure users have latest rules.
4. Repaired CANADA2007 Sect 29 - Cycle switching.
5. Added better overflow text resizing to some DDL print module fields.
6. Repaired USA oil field so 'off-duty on site' does not exclude from 14
hour unless so set in duty status record.
7. New ActivationCode introduced.
8. Added CANADA 2007 - Driving North of Latitude 60 degrees. - 03/06/2007 - 03/23/2007
1. Repaired crash when printing with CoDriver active on log display.
2. Repaired DDLiTruck audit report for missing visual violations.
3. Repaired Logs Turned In edit dialog to correct first date from record.
4. Added warnings about sending email from DDL using web based email.
5. Added link to activation request form on
6. Added new Landstar Print module Scanware 218 w/37 point DDVIR
8. Updated Prime Print Module.
9. Updated SWIFT 4 Print Module. - 03/03/2007
1. Repaired another CANADA 2007 16 hour exclusion situation.
2. Repaired CANADA 2007 Monthly Summary report so correct split
sleeper limits used for CoDriver.
3. Repaired CANADA 2007 so last sleeper berth of day is included
in Sect 14-Daily Off Duty Time hours accumulator.
4. Added hints to use 'Print using Reports Module'. - 02/26/2007
1. Repaired CANADA 2007 rules so 16 hour 'grid marker' accounts for
Sleeper Berth exclusion time.
2. Repaired 'Print Multiple Log Days' in which some recap daily hours
worked and total for previous days was incorrect. - 02/25/2007
1. Added check for possible extra user enabled 16 hour sleeper berth
2. DDL iTruck modified Violations letter to not 'clip' violations text.
3. Repaired update of Vehicle miles so odometer values transfer from
current driver.
4. Repaired 'Miles Driving' search for previous odometer so KM gets
set properly if previous odometer is KM. - 02/14/2007
1. Repaired CANADA 2007 rules so CVSA/CSA setting enables required
8+ hours to clear 13hr/14hr/16hr violation before 2nd sleeper berth
of pair.
2. Modified print modules to use Print Preview directly. Intermediate
log display was removed.
3. Repaired potential use of 10 hours instead of 8 hours for sleeper
berth total pair for USA 10hr/15hr and CAN 1994. - 02/10/2007
1. Repaired CANADA 2007 for repeated, unnecessary, user decision dialogs
regarding sleeper berth exclusion from 16 hour duty period. - 01/27/2007
1. Add 'CYCLE 1' or 'CYCLE 2' to log display if CANADA 2007 is default rule
even if other rule like USA 2005 rule is in effect. All this requires that you indicate that your CANADA 2007 rule is the 'default' (country of domicile) rule via Settings... DDL defaults to USA
rules as 'default'
2. Repair violation description for Sect 27(b) - 70hr limit in 120hr/14d
rule CANADA 2007.
3. Add Violation for insufficient (36hr or 72hr) off-duty switching cycles
CANADA 2007 - Sect 29(a) and 29(b). - 01/19/2007
1. Repair failure to display Recap 2 introduced in v3.4.2.2.
2. Repair CANADA 2007 Daily 10 hours off duty time earned, so as to not
add in off-duty periods less than 30 minutes.
3. Repair potential crash in print modules.
4. Repair potential crash when 'closing' an 'open' record. - 01/18/2007
1. Repaired missing split sleeper 'exclusion' (Sect 18(2)(a) from 16 hour
duty period limit.
2. Repaired CANADA 2007 rules for DAY2 deferral limits on daily Driving
and On Duty.
3. Repaired reports 'Go To Date' and 'Edit Record' feature.
4. S2 sleeper grid marker repaired for CANADA 2007.
5. Repaired recaps on multi-day printed logs.
6. Improved Grid marker and Recap 'tool tip' popup help.
7. Enabled more records/reports in default install for 'Full' DDL. - 01/12/2007
1. Activation adjustment to solve increased activation failures. - 01/05/2007
1. Repaired interface to print modules which caused some crashes. - 01/02/2007
1. Implemented a new interface to print modules.
2. Added new DDVIR for Canada 38 point inspection. Applies to DDL Classic and OCR versions. - 12/14/2006
1. Changed two DDL iTruck multi-driver reports to accommodate CANADA 2007
rules. 12/12/2006 - CANADA 2007 Rules introduced. Fixed bug on program loosing ActivationCode. 12/10/2006 - CANADA 2007 Rules introduced. - 10/02/2006
1. Updated Keller 0801 -- Implemented the 'Home Terminal' address as a 3rd line in Keller0801 print module - 10/01/2006
1. Updated Westside print module (Updated fields and text). - 09/30/2006
1. Updated TransX print module (increased trailer plate field). - 09/08/2006
1. Repairs so print modules function properly again. Problem introduced in some v3.3.4.7 installs. - 08/29/2006
1. Some registration screen adjustments.
2. Repaired 'carry fwd' 'open' records from previous month.
3. Repaired/adjusted 'Go to Day' and 'Edit Record' button behavior in reports. - 08/19/2006
1. Repaired Vehicle distance for Miles/Kilometers.
2. Repaired Scanware print module for Miles/Kilometers.
3. Added message if user attempts to change InstallationID. - 08/17/2006
1. Added 'Miles/KM' field to Power/Towed unit records.
2. Repaired arrow input processing.
3. Repaired Reports.dll for proper Landscape/Portrait print orientation.
4. Changed 'Alternate OOS option' to allow Sleeper Berth 'credit' as default. - 07/08/2006
1. 'Extra' backups move to system 'all users' common documents folder.
2. Repaired new Power/Towed fields editing and combo drop lists. - 06/23/2006
1. Repaired Odometer report bug introduced v3.3.3.2 28 Feb 2006.
Failed to zero incremental miles when TruckId changes.
2. Changed Fuel report so total gallons/liters is included even if
no Odometer readings included in Fuel records.
3. Added 'Division' field to Motor Carrier record.
4. 'Driver Details' added to 'New Data' entry screen
5. Added 'End Session' data records save. 30Jun2006.
6. Recap height 5.50 back to 5.30 inches. As pre 28 May 2006. - 06/13/2006
1. Changed DDL Activation so 'administrator' privileges not required.
2. Added check for user privileges required for proper DDL operation.
3. Added automatic data 'save' when system 'suspends','hibernates', or
enters 'standby'.
4. Added driver's mailing address to iTruck violation/commendation letters.
5. Repaired Recap Details report for Canada rules for hours worked previous
HOS days. Introduced v3.3.4.1. - 05/25/2006
1. Repaired 'a required resource was' problem. A GDI resource 'leak'.
2. Repaired possible 34 hour 'grid marker' error.
3. Added initial grid and Remarks 'high light' when program is launched.
Also shows initial 'grid markers'. - 05/11/2006
1. Repaired print module problems with v3.3.3.9.
2. Changed grid violation color from yellow to red, W2K, XP or newer.
3. Repaired grid markers so don't appear in other applications.
4. Added custom tool tip help for grid markers. 16 May 2006 - 05/10/2006
1. DDL iTruck. Restore multi-driver report 'Do Report' button.
2. Added error message/retry for failure to read/write data file records.
3. Added 'Edit' Motor Carriers to Simple records data dialog.
4. Repaired some bugs in data record conversion from old style formats. - 04/28/2006
1. Added multi-driver folder Backup and Restore capability.
2. Repair possible 'new user question' dialog destroyed when DDL iTruck
splash window is closed.
3. Added option to limit consecutive off duty days printed on one log
to last day of month.
4. Added PDFtoDDL driver sub-folder scan for DDL iTruck.
5. Added more data file read error trapping and messages. 01 May 2006
6. Change grid violation color from yellow to red.
7. Add extra code to close html help window when DDL exits. - 04/10/2006
1. Changed Canada 1994 '4to8' provision so violations are assumed
'canceled' by the '4to8 off-duty' rule until proven otherwise.
2. Changed Canada 1994 '4to8' so '8to12' found after driving/on duty
violation still validates '4to8' 'off-duty' break.
3. Repair DDL iTruck save of license file to proper backup folder. - 04/04/2006
1. Repair CoDriver report so 'selected' CoDriver 'Show', 'Hide' and
'Switch To' buttons are enabled properly.
2. Re-enable 'bitmap signature' refresh even when reports and dialogs
are displayed.
3. Added capability to backup DDL log files using Windows XP CD Burn
enabled CD. - 03/31/2006
1. Repair 'extra' backup failure to create backup file bug.
2. Repair another problem with menu File/Backup or Restore wizard.
3. Add 5 record limit on 'lost' data during file read and compare to
'extra' backup data file. - 03/23/2006
1. Enhance automatic 'extra' backup of DDL log files so DDL user can
recover from 'extra' backup if major loss of data records is detected.
2. Repaired a problem with menu File/Backup or Restore wizard. - 03/14/2006
1. Added Expense Report option. All records for one Expense Category.
2. Added Revenue Report option. All records for one Revenue Category.
3. Repaired so DDL does not 'refresh' log display when reports are busy.
4. Added 1.0 second delay for Ctrl-T toggle of current time events.
5. Repaired grid marker 'popups' in middle of most dialogs.
6. Adjusted DDL screen size for 'Start' bars at left, top, right on screen.
7. Added traps for system 'standby' and 'resume'.
8. Added better trap for preventing multiple instances of DDL. - 02/28/2006
1. Odometer report repaired for possible missing report record
for 'All Records' report.
2. Canada AB province rule 6 hour violation repaired.
3. Add option to Canada rule 13hr/15hr to force 'chaining' of
split sleeper berths. - 02/26/2006
1. Canada AB province rule 4 and 6 hour 'break' repaired.
2. Repaired htmhelp for F1 key processing. - 02/18/2006
1. Repaired 'Remember Print Module' in print log select dialog.
2. Internal grid marker work in preparation for Canada rules.
3. Repaired Recap header for Recap 3 to show correct version 3. - 02/11/2006
1. Repaired DDVIR not saved bug again introduced in v3.3.2.8.
2. Removed check on Miles/Hours driving when 'exit' a log day.
3. Repaired html help topic for Rules configuration dialog.
4. Removed option for 'auto save'. DDL always 'auto saves'.
5. Save Time Zone correction hours if enabled in settings. - 02/08/2006
1. Repaired Printed Records not updated introduced in v3.2.2.3. - 02/07/2006
1. Modified so DDL Full/Lite will not run on LAN.
2. Repaired Days Out report bug introduced in version - 02/05/2006
1. Repaired Settlement Report amounts not displayed, introduced in recent version.
2. Optimized use of display screen for log display. - 01/29/2006
1. Added message when setting is set to not show Vehicle numbers on Off Duty day (24 hours Off Duty).
2. Added menu Edit/Paste Buffer clear command. Also 'keep' 'copy' records until cleared.
3. Added check on Miles/Hours driving when 'exit' a log day.
4. Some license adjustments for iTruck subscription.
5. Add Driver Details Report to All Report menu. - 01/17/2006
1. Repaired DDVIR data not save bug introduced in v3.3.2.2.
2. Repaired iTruck rtf file creation for Violation/Commendation letters.
3. Modified SWIFT v4 print module to not show any Remarks on Off Duty days. - 01/14/2006
1. Repaired data not save bug introduced in v3.3.2.2. - 01/13/2006
1. Repaired possible loss of data while printing multiple log days.
2. Repaired print cancel dialog for printing multiple log days.
3. Introduced 'details' record for Driver, Group, Auditor. - 01/06/2006
1. Repaired missing 'New Driver Wizard' button to DDL.
2. Added Recap version from settings to Recap header display. - 12/18/2005
1. Converted help system to 'html' web page system.
2. Repaired bitmap signature does not switch when switching DDL to
3. Add 'Resize' 'grips' to Driver select dialogs.
4. Add save Driver_Folder.INI, Group_Folder.INI, and DriversDailyLog.INI
files to safely backup folder.
5. Add jump to Driver Select (menu File/Open) from CoDriver select
6. DDL iTruck. Visual Violations with Notes field get two report lines.
7. Clear DDVIR for 'classic' and 'OCR' print modules for days off duty.
8. Reduce frequency of less than 9 days trial warning messages.
9. Improve 'HtmlHelp' display for Release Notes.
10.Force 'Missing Logs' (iTruck) message dialog to top of windows. - 12/13/2005
1. DDL iTruck violation letter now allows RTF formatted templates.
2. Registration dialog changes including 'Internet' button.
3. Repaired potential crash when editing records 1 year or older. - 11/30/2005
1. Repaired 2005 to 2005 rule conversion bug when log data is in
November 2005.
2. DDL iTruck - Added 'Group' to Violation/Commendation letters.
3. DDL iTruck - Adjusted violation display in violation reports and
Violation letters so Windows Write margin adjustments not needed.
4. Added two letter State/Prov to City Location combo drop down list.
5. Combined Trip 'Origin' and Manifest 'Pickup' into combo drop down.
6. Combined Trip 'Destination' and Manifest 'Drop' into combo drop down.
7. Repaired failure to show 'future' HOS (70hr, 60hr) violation if not
Driving at 'current time'. - 11/18/2005
1. Repaired 2004 to 2005 rule conversion failed bug. Introduced in v3.3.1.5.
2. Added PDF file capability.
3. Repaired Scanware print module DDVIR 'smaller'/'bigger' feature.
4. Bitmap signature file loading improved so DDL re-launch not required. - 11/11/2005
1. Repair 'hang' in Monthly Summary with keyboard input.
2. Change 2004 rules found after 01 Oct 2005 to 2005 rules.
3. Add '34 hour' grid marker if 'current time' feature is 'on'. - 11/01/2005
1. Repaired 'Noon to Noon' failed to save some data records. - 11/01/2005
1. Repaired possible failure to 'hold' Activation.
2. Made some changes so software has a bit speedier.


WESTSIDE Print Module updated released - 10/25/2005
1. Repaired Canada '4to8' that allowed, in rare instances, a '4to8'
Off Duty/Sleeper Berth to cancel a 13hr/15hr violation more
than once in 7 days. - 10/22/2005
1. Some license adjustments for registered activations that
fail, pop out of unlock, for no apparent reason. - 10/22/2005
1. Some license adjustments for registered activations that
fail, pop out of unlock, for no apparent reason. - 10/20/2005
1. Repaired grid markers for USA 2005 rule so S1 and S2 will
now predict when S2 (2nd break of pair) time is 'earned'. - 10/19/2005
1. Repaired possible loss of data records in very long reports. - 10/16/2005
1. Repair bug in Violations reports involving 120hr/14d rule. - 10/16/2005
1. Repair bug v3.3.07 that causes recap error in print modules. - 10/15/2005
1. Repair 120hr/14d bug introduced in v3.3.0.6. - 10/14/2005
1. For Canada 120hr/14d rule violation show 120 vs. 75 hour limit.
2. Remove obsolete 120hr/14d interpretations including Quebec. - 10/13/2005
1. Updated Canada 120hr/14d rule violation show 120 vs. 75 hour limit.
2. Remove obsolete 120hr/14d interpretations including Quebec.


Barr-Nunn print Module released - 10/06/2005
1. Repair 7 day Recap for USA 2005 34 hour Restart.
2. Print Modules changed to not Force Draft Mode.
3. Add grid ticks for expense records. - 09/28/2005
1. Added FEMA 34hr exemption to USA 2004 rule. - 09/21/2005
1. Repair DDL Lite so 'Rules on the Fly' records activated.
2. Activation adjusted for hard disk information. - 09/13/2005
1. Subscription mechanism added.
2. Version text added to blank area on toolbar. - 09/07/2005
1. InstallationID work so default trial version can be detected. - 08/28/2005    --  With New '05' Rules
1. Added new USA 2005 rules - effective 01 Oct 2005. Note: Drivers can NOT use the new rules until Oct 1, 2005 at 0001 hours, failure to follow this will can result in violations and fines.
2. USA2005 rule - any 8 to but less than 10 hour Sleeper Berth 'excludes' from
14hr duty period.
3. USA2005 rule - 34hr restart does not need 'hours available'
before 34hr off duty clock starts.
4. USA2005 rule - implement 8 hr 'Modified Sleeper berth and 2 hr 'break'
'split break'.
5. Added check to convert USA2004 to USA2005 rules on or after
01 Oct 2005 for USA Property Carrying drivers.
6. Make sure USA2005 70hr/8d rule in rules 'Quick Pick List'.
7. Fixed a bug in Vehicle 'Make' field processing in combo selection. - 08/09/2005
1. Added 'Vehicle Make' field to Power/Towed records for Canada.
2. Repaired 'S2' Sleeper berth marker to remove occasional extras.
3. Added check to not allow blank 'open'/'close' record ids. This effects 'Trips, Manifest, Motor Carriers, Vehicle Records'.  You must enter something in the field. - 08/03/2005
1. Added 'Vehicle Make' field to Power/Towed records for Canada. - 07/26/2005
1. Repaired KM/Hr test bug introduced in v3.2.12.6
2. Adjusted mouse delay timer in 'jumpy' problem. - 07/21/2005
1. Repaired logs printed record processing and edit.
2. Repaired KM/Hr test in Miles Driving dialog.
3. Repaired 'jumpy' Remarks when mouse moves on log screen. - 07/05/2005
1. Changed Activation method for Windows 2000 users.
2. Speed Limit report adjustments.
3. Reports module adjustments.
4. Repair Print module fetch of Total Vehicle Miles from DDL.
5. Repair driver count for DDL iTruck new driver processing.
6. Added driver interface for Activity/Location sub-records. - 06/21/2005
1. Added records to Daily Miles report with no driving hours/miles.
2. Don't display zero Odometer values for Vehicle Miles.
3. Improved Reports module for column left/right margins.
4. Added Speed by State/Province and by Trip to Speed Limit report. - 06/13/2005
1. Added Vehicle Odometers for Canada driver teams.
2. Added Manifest, Shipper, Commodity to 'classic' print.
3. Added Vehicle Miles to optional Odometer display on log.
4. Repaired 'classic' print module to show 3 lines of Manifest data.
5. Added 'Commodity' combo drop list to Manifest data dialog.
6. Tab Order repairs (voodoo) in Manifest data dialog.         05/31/2005
1. Reworked print modules for 'Days Off Duty' processing.
2. Repaired time 'reset' bug in Expense record dialog.
3. Repaired Search Data Records report so last date is inclusive.
4. Changed Manifest dialog Shipper input to combo drop down.
5. Added some filters for keyboard 'Enter' button used for 'Add Record'
    and 'Update Record' in data entry dialogs.
6. Changed so Odometer Start/End on log day are displayed for 'Off Duty'
    day if values have been entered.         05/26/2005
1. Reworked print modules for 'Days Off Duty' processing.
2. Repaired time 'reset' bug in Expense record dialog.
3. Repaired Search Data Records report so last date is inclusive.          05/18/2005
1. Added 'Shipper' field to Manifest record and reports.
2. Added 'Print Logs Turned In Records' in 'Remarks' as option.
3. Repaired 'edit' of 'carry fwd records', bug introduced in Oct 2004.
4. Repaired 'Scanware compatible' option so last sleeper will 'exclude'.          05/09/2005
1. All printer modules have been adjusted and improved.
    DDL and Printer module must match. Download both.
2. Changed 7 day recap heading 'Avail Hrs' to 'Avail Hrs Today'.          04/29/2005
1. Added automatic backup folders to 'My Documents'.
2. Repaired so DDL window 'pops' to top windows when print ends.          04/19/2005
1. Repaired 'Rules on the Fly' count of rules for a log day.
2. Modified 'classic' and 'OCR' print modules to print either
    single days off duty per print log or multiple days off duty per
    print log. Print module setting.
3. Added 'speeding' indicator column to 'Speed Limit Records' report.
4. Added program version to log display caption window.
5. Repaired 7 day recap for USA 10hr/15hr rule introduced 9 Nov 2004.          04/17/2005
1. Added 'print vertical remarks' to DDL classic print module.
2. Add option to Odometer report 'All Records' for 'delta' miles/km
3. Added setting to 'remember' selected print module and DDVIR.
4. Added more printed 'Remarks' settings for Power/Towed, CoDrivers,
    Motor Carriers, Trips, and Manifests.          04/10/2005
1. Improve mouse cursor selection when shifting from 'rapid input' to
    'new data' input using left 'shift' key.
2. Overhaul the drives/folders processing for removable drives.
3. Repair driver 'groups' for DDL iTruck multi-driver reports
4. Added 'forced print' of one log day in DDL classic print module.
5. Changed 'consecutive off duty days' log printing to not include
    Sleeper Berth periods. (This change will help Teams)          04/01/2005
1. Print modules overhauled so they are better integrated with DDL.
2. Better processing of 'consecutitive off duty days' in print modules.            03/29/2005
1. Repaired failure to save current drivers log files on menu File/Open
    new driver selected.
2. Added auto copy of current log file to 'My Documents' driver
folder.           03/23/2005
1. Repaired USA 2004 16 hour exception rule problem.           03/19/2005
1. Implemented FMCSA 18 Mar 2005 email memo on 14 hour rule as default.           03/14/2005
1. Repaired Canada '4to8' provision when Canada driver changes
    rules to USA rules and back to Canada rules.           03/05/2005
1. Compliance report added to DDL iTruck.
2. Odometer report repaired for preprocessing on records with same
    date and time.
3. Increase Vehicle Id selected from 10 to 1000 for reports.
4. Added DDVIR button to DDL iTruck toolbar.
5. Repaired potential crash in settings for bitmap and font.           02/23/2004
1. Settlement report enhanced to show multiple trips and summary.
2. Expense record category added - Expense Deductible by motor
    carrier. Affects Expense report and Settlement report.
3. DDVIR Mechanic's Signature - added Canada required check boxes.
4. Miles Driving Today record - added Miles/KM field.
5. Activation counter added.
6. Repaired bitmap .bmp extension requirement introduced in v3.2.10.4.
7. Repaired optional 'chaining' of 'excluding' sleeper berths.           02/07/2005
1. Added 'Manifest, Commodity, Trip' display option to DDL Log.
2. Repaired 'Copy From CoDriver' so 'close' records are listed.
3. Repaired 'all records' report option on 'open'/'close'
    records reports which showed unnecessary 'open' records.
4. Remove requirement for '.bmp' on bitmap signature file name.
5. Modify process activation display to be less confusing.
6. Repaired log window size so 'maximize' is retained on switch
    to CoDriver.
7. Adjusted 'tab order' for Trip, Manifest, Power/Towed dialogs.
8. Modified Odometer report so 'delta' miles/KM shifted down
    one record for a better report.
9. Scanware print module - repair USX 218 remarks clipping.
10.Scanware print module - add Manifest,Commodity,Trip option.
11.Repaired Canada 120hr rule for Quebec so 70 hr limit is used
    instead of 75 hr limit for 24 hr off duty required between
    50 and 70 hours.           02/05/2005
1. Repaired 'New Driver' Wizard check box 'Copy Settings and
    Motor Carrier Information from Current Driver.'
2. Repaired Manifest report so report date range is expanded.
3. Repaired 'Copy From CoDriver' so 'open' records are listed.
4. Repaired IFTA report failure introduced in v3.2.10.1.
5. Added missing IFTA report message for error in state code.
6. Added automatic copy of 'location' sub-record from Fuel to
    Expense record.
7. Added 'Exit after Add Record' to Expense data dialog.
8. Repaired 'copy'/'paste' for 'open'/'close' records.
9. Repaired Manifest data dialog to remove unwanted controls.
10.Repaired Miles Driving data entry processing so CoDriver
    grid line does not 'disappear'.           01/21/2005
1. Repaired iTruck visual violations file read failed.
2. Added 'Invoice Number' field to Fuel and Expense records.
3. Repaired missing 'Cost' column to Fuel 'All Records' report.           01/16/2005
1. Added filter to remove 'extra' line breaks (CR/LF) in data
    records read from DDL log files. Some email systems (Flying J
    WiFi) insert 'extra' line breaks on DDL log files attached to
2. Use Expense category reimbursable field as default Expense
    data record dialog initial reimbursable or not reimbursable.
    You can place a check mark in the reimbursable box, so that it
    will always be checked for that item. No item will be checked
    as reimbursable.           01/12/2005
1. Added a setting for compatibility with Kellerscan/LogChecker
    system. Kellerscan does NOT properly handle restart of the
    14hr 'duty period' while in split sleeper mode and duty
    status changes from Sleeper Berth to Off Duty before going
    to Driving or On Duty Not Driving. The new 14hr 'duty period'
    does not start until 'coming on duty' i.e. going to Driving
    or On Duty Not Driving. Kellerscan incorrectly includes the
    Off Duty time immediately following the Sleeper Berth.           12/23/2004
1. Print logs, multiple logs (batch), implemented for optional
    print modules. Listed under Print in tool bar.
2. Optional print modules log validation errors condensed to
    one list box.
3. Repaired duty status 'clipping' for CoDriver. Introduced
    in 10/26/2004 v3.2.9.0.             12/18/2004
1. Toolbar 'Print' button will launch optional print module if
2. Repair Backup/Restore feature so 'Browse' button is
activated properly so backup to different drive/folder can
be easily selected.
3. Activation procedure modified for Windows XP/2000 users so
system restore or disk re-format should not need re-activation.
4. Repair too many '0 days trial' warning messages.               12/02/2004

1. Added Team violations to violations report (DDL) and company
    summary report (iTruck).
2. Removed 'missing logs' warning from company summary (iTruck).
3. Repaired more grid marker update and show/hide problems.
4. Added 10hr 'Off Duty' grid marker to USA 2004 rule display. A diamond
   with 10 in it. This indicates a restart of the 11/14 hours.
   The 10 hours must be continuous off-duty, sleeper berth,
   or a combination of off-duty and sleeper berth.
5. Added two 'Split Sleeper' grid markers to USA 2004 rule
    display. Hints on when split sleeper pair is 'qualified'.
    S-1 (1st Sleeper that extends) S-2 (2nd Sleeper that when
    added to the first equals 10 hours. If you have hours, you
    can start driving here.)
6. Adjusted display of Mile Marker in 'Location' sub-record to
    remove trailing zeros and period.
7. Added 'Days Home' column to Days Out report.
8. Minor repairs to reports so state/province columns 'center'
    in reports module style reports.
9. Added 'Total Duty Status Hours' to Duty Status Hours report.
10. Updated the following print modules so that any old scanware
    modules will be deleted DDLSWIFT, DDLTDSM, DDLKLLM.
    If you wish to use the old scanware version, you will
    need to download and install the scanware module.
11.Modified Scanware compatible 14hr rule setting to be more lenient.
12.Added date/time check to duplicate record check for some
    record types. Days Out, Visual Violation.            11/27/2004

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users need to download new print module if YOU update to v3.2.9.7.

1. Improved print module management so DDL does not need to 'know'
    about print modules until 'run time'.
2. Repaired Manifest data record dialog so 'Copy From CoDriver'
    retrieves Manifest instead of Trip records from CoDriver.
3. Added settings check box in 'Activity' sub-record dialog so
    search for default vehicle numbers can be enable/disabled.
4. Repaired 'grid markers' so they are updated when DDL window
    is moved of re-sized. Also 'clipped' to DDL window.            11/21/2004
1. Some 'open'/'close' record problems fixed.            11/18/2004
1. Added better handling of 'open'/'close' records when multiple
    'open'/'close' are opened or closed during the same data edit
2. Modified so 'duplicate' 'open' records are not 'hidden' but
    displayed, so the duplicates, if any, are quite evident to user.
3. Added five default Odometer 'Categories'. Loaded, Empty,
    Deadhead, Bobtail, Personal.
4. Added checking to prevent launching DDL by selecting log file
    from system list in 'My Computer' etc.
5. Modified Trip dialog so drop down combo is used for trip numbers.
6. Modified Manifest so manifest number combo is move up to better
    position in dialog.
7. Add warning when user is adding a duplicate of an existing record.
    Expense, Revenue, Fuel, Odometer, Comment, Logs Turned In,
    Visual Violation, Days Out Record.
8. Repaired Activity sub-record dialog so Power/Towed appears correctly
    in combo drop down list.
9. Modified Activity sub-record dialog so no 'default' Power/Towed
    appears. Select combo drop and select Power/Towed units.
10.Added Manifest dialog combo drop down lists for Pickup/Drop.
11.Added Manifest report options.
12.Repaired routing software interface to remove trailing commas in
    city fields.            11/14/2004
1. Added multi-driver Executive Summary report for DDL iTruck.
2. Repaired KLLM print module so Trip numbers appear in Manifest
3. Added option to Scanware print module so log variation '218 KLLM'
    has option to show Trip numbers in Manifest field.
4. Added 'Pickup/Drop' field to Power/Towed unit record.
5. Added two Power/Towed report options. 'Notes' and 'Pickup/Drop'.
6. Adjusted Odometer report for two Odometer records with exact same
    time but different Trucked fields.             11/07/2004
1. Repaired 'open'/'close' issues with copy of 'open'/'close'
records from CoDriver.
2. Repaired the 'Simple Record' 'Remove' of a carry forward
record on 1st day of month. Previously needed two 'Remove'
3. Enhanced 'copy from CoDriver' for 'open'/'close' so multiple
records can be copied at one time.
4. New Install package for all modules, reducing the size of the download,
so that once again it will fit onto a 1.44 disk. Allowing faster downloads.              11/02/2004
1. Added option to Log file search report to move 6+ old log files
    to Recycle Bin.
2. Repaired Motor Carrier failure to 'close' record that contained
    DriverID2, optional 2nd driver's ID field.              10/31/2004
1. Modified rules so 1st sleeper of a 10+ hours split sleeper 'pair',
    in Canada, will reset 11hr/14hr prior to change to USA 2004 rule.
    Previously a contiguous 10+ hours Off Duty/Sleeper was required
    before change to USA 2004 rule.              10/26.2004
1. Internal changes for size reduction and performance increase.
2. KLLM print module introduced.
3. US Xpress Scanware print module introduce and repaired.              10/12/2004
1. Repaired 'oil field' data storage in Off Duty record when combined
    with Location/Activity sub-records.
2. Repaired Revenue reports for 0.0 hourly rate but with total pay
3. Repaired TDSM print module month change buttons in calendar window.
4. Removed single sleeper excluded from 14hr in audit settings which
    FMCSA talked about in Jun 2004 but did not activate.
5. Repaired Canada adverse condition rule to extend On Duty Not Driving
    from 15hr to 17hr.                09/24/2004
1. Repaired situation in which show/hide CoDriver from report failed.
2. Modified PCMiler iTruck so CoDriver duty status records can be
    excluded from hours driving analysis.
3. Added origin/destination 'quick pick' combo drop down lists to
    Trip record dialog.
4. Repaired routed KM/Miles indicator field transfer from 'open' to
    'close' Trip record.
5. License.dll 'tweak' for odd ActivationCode input.
6. Added check for duplicate 'open' record during data record input.         09/22/2004

1. Repaired 14hr rule analysis to ensure that 'excluding' Sleeper Berth
    starts before or at the 14th hour in the 'duty period'.
2. Added option to display 'New Data' dialog instead of 'Report' when
    left click on Vehicles, Motor Carrier, Manifest, or Trips in log
3. Added more adjustments to registration dialog processing.     09/09/2004

1. Repaired and improved AK intra-state rules handling. Added
    10hr off duty for Property carrying driver in addition to
    8hr off duty for Passenger carrying driver.
2. Repaired AK violation reference to FMCSR 395.1(h).
3. Removed access to registration data on a client computer for
    DDL iTruck.
4. Repaired Trip report 'Total Miles Routed' to include all
    records in report.
5. Repaired 'Remarks' drop down list to include CoDriver
    records if any.
6. Repaired 'bigger/smaller' in DDVIR in Swift and TDSM print
7. Added set 'Vehicle Satisfactory' as default in all DDVIR
    forms.     09/07/2004

1. Added more tests to remove extra duty status records with
    exactly the same date and time.
2. Repaired Miles Driving Today using Odometer records for a
    driving period starting exactly at end of a log day.
3. Repaired a 'carry fwd' problem when copying Manifest or Trip
    records from CoDriver records.
4. Added Power/Towed units 'Copy From CoDriver' capability.
5. Repaired Trip 'close' record so routed Miles/KM are copied
    from Trip 'open' record.
6. Added 395.1(d) oilfield provision for 'on site off duty'.
7. Added 'double click' in grid option to launch 'New Data'
    dialog. 08/31/2004

1. PCMiler iTruck interface gets resizable windows for report
2. Repair IFTA report so DDL log date does not have to be in the
    report year quarter.
3. Moved settings processing software to DDLSettings.dll module.
4. Repaired not using existing carry fwd rule in current month if
    previous month's rule does not exist.
5. Repaired 'Print Multiple Days Log Sheets' dialog to resize
6. Added 'Printed Log Sheets' report to DDL reports dialog.
7. Forced show 'Release Notes' for this version for special DOT
    alert regarding legal status of DDL and DDL printed logs. 08/05/2004
1. Added software to remove extra 'close' records.
2. Added 'Rate per Hour' as Revenue category. 07/17/2004

1. Repaired a 'carry fwd' bug for the 'open'/'close' records.
2. Schedule 'refresh' for Revenue dialog when category changes.
3. Added 'Show CoDriver' button to toolbar and menu File.
4. Added automatic 'show CoDriver' for Manifests/Trips copy from
5. Added automatic 'show CoDriver' for Reports when 'Include
    CoDriver' is selected.
6. Repaired CoDriver report so data is scanned from log files
    when applicable instead of scanning only data records in memory.
7. Added warning when more than one Motor Carrier record in a log day.
8. 'open'/'close' corrections and refinements during record edits.
9. Repaired TDSM/Prime print module so edit correct DDVIR day. 07/08/2004

1. Modified New Driver wizard for better settings and rules selection.
2. Added 'Show 'close' notes' button to all open/close dialogs.
3. Internal version checking for release notes, warning no remarks,
    and show 'close' notes enable on a new program version.
4. Added copy of CoDriver ID during select CoDriver from list.
5. Added recent drivers list to menu File.
6. Moved menu Settings... to menu bar with 3 menu items. 07/01/2004

1. Repaired excessive 'flash' and 'blink' introduced in v3.2.7.54.
2. Added warning if no Remark (City/State) in a Duty Status record.
3. Repaired Grid Markers so they are less obtrusive into other windows. 06/29/2004

1. Repaired simple CoDriver list which showed 'closed' CoDriver.
2. Repaired DDL iTruck default Visual Violations list 395.11 to 396.11.
3. Adjusted Grid Marker windows positions in the Windows Z-order.
4. Changed CoDriver button in toolbar to switch to CoDriver logs
    if only one CoDriver is 'active' for log day.
5. Added test for program launch from within DDL.
6. Implement new Miles Driving calculation from odometer 'splits'. 06/27/2004

1. Moved and repaired DDVIR left, right, bottom margin settings.
2. Added 'driver notes' field to all DDVIR dll forms.
3. Removed Hazmat Y/N and Load Identification from Scanware dll.
4. Added Scanware compatibility option setting to USA 2004 14hr rule.
5. Added FMCSA planned single sleeper option setting for USA 2004 rule.
6. Added DDVIR toolbar button to DDL.
7. Modified license for absurd registration attempts. 06/23/2004

1. Repair option to not print DDVIR, bug introduced in v3.2.7.51.
2. Added report for vehicle drivers for DDL iTruck. 06/20/2004

1. Show trial days remaining even if registration fails.
2. Reworked 'simple' records and reports using 'open'/'close'. 06/14/20041.

1. Added DDVIR module which includes a new Canada DDVIR and a couple
    additional USA DDVIR variations.
2. Repaired uninitialized 'garbage' odometer field in Fuel record.
3. Repaired 'simple' power/towed records so carry fwd to next log
    stops if 'simple' records is not enabled. 06/04/2004

1. Added conversion from vehicle numbers records to power/towed
    records of 'simple' type.
2. Modified DDVIR so Tractor and Trailer fields are updated without
    user intervention.
3. Repaired Swift print module for recap 'days' order. 05/18/2004

1. Added 'simple' record option to records that use 'open'/'close'
    records - Manifests, Trips, Power/Towed Units, CoDriver, and Motor
    Carrier records.
2. Repaired license for rare problem involving InstallationID.
3. Added CustomerID/DDL# to registration information.
4. Added LOG barcode (Trans-Flo) option to Scanware print module.
5. Modified Swift print module for Red background color always.
6. Added Scanware compatibility option 'chained' sleepers for 14hr rule. 04/27/2004

1. Added warning of abnormal data records 'loss' during file save.
2. Repaired possible hang during report processing.
3. Added notes fields to Manifest record and report.
4. Repaired 'Logs Turned In' bug in violations report for DDL Team. 04/24/2004

1. Implemented FMCSA 14hr rule adjustment to allow a 2 sleeper berth
    to get 'get home'. Second sleeper of pair totaling 10+ hours
    'extends' prior to 'getting home' and logging 10+ hours off duty. 04/17/2004

1. Repaired 'open'/'close' record display order when same date and
2. Scanware module repaired for one more unnecessary zero.
3. License processing modified so re-activation is easier.
4. Repair 34hr restart in combined Off Duty/Sleeper situations.
5. Add option to USA 2004 rule to not use 34hr restart. 04/02/2004

1. Improved 34 restart processing to show restart available time.
2. Added 34 restart available time 'grid marker'.
3. Modified Canada 120hr/14day rules so only used as 'last resort'. 03/29/2004

1. Removed 'threads' from cancel dialogs for aborting reports
2. Repair optimum default log form size for 1280x1024 pixel displays.
3. Repaired license module test for productId.
4. Modified 14hr rule hours limit 'search for previous sleeper pair'. 03/23/2004

1. Repaired 14hr rule bug introduced in changes on 03/05/2004.
2. Repaired Canada rules so best Hours of Service rule is selected
    for a log day from among 2 or 3 selected.
3. Organized duty status rules settings for better access for
    Canadian rules. 03/17/2004

1. DDL iTruck shift key down flag 'stuck' flag. 03/15/2004

1. DDL iTruck added specific default settings for initial install.
2. DDL iTruck added speed limit override on a per log day basis.
3. DDL iTruck added duty status record check to 'Logs Turned In'.
4. Shortened USA violation description string to hrs and FMCSR ref.
5. Repaired Canadian Monthly Summary to show only active HOS rules.
6. Repaired Violations Report to filter violations to report date
    range specified.
7. Changed daily MPH limit from driver to program setting.
8. Repaired Power/Towed vehicle report dialog in DDVIR. 03/10/2004

1. Repaired Canada HOS problems when switching 'Rules on the Fly'
    from one Canada rule to another Canada rule. 03/05/2004

1. Repair 14hr rule for long driving line after 14hr violation.
2. More work on toolbar buttons for iTruck. 03/04/2004

1. Replace v3.2.7.36 so new 14hr bug is 'backed out'. 03/04/2004

1. Added USA 2004 rules examples to I.M. Sample Driver.
2. Repaired 14hr rule with long driving line starting after 14X.
3. Repair vehicle numbers that 'carried over' to another driver who has no     vehicle numbers or power and towed unit records. 03/01/2004

1. Repaired 14hr rule so sleeper berth 'extender' must start before or at 14th hour into duty period.
2. Repaired menu File/Backup so driver backup folder can be created in a drive's 'root' folder.
3. Added 'refresh' Remarks when a data record is updated by user.
4. Added visual violation button to the toolbar for iTruck.
5. Repaired 14hr rule for split sleeper berth 'chain' of sleepers.
6. Repaired the Canada 120hr/14day rule for 24 hour reset problem.
7. Repaired search for Odometer record to start or end log day.
8. Modify 'Days Out' report so days out includes time from first day of report to first 'arrive home' record. 02/17/2004

1. Repair 'Miles Driving' on log when using Odometer records, to use Odometer records 'closest' to start and of log day.
2. Repair 'Miles Driving' USA option to show Odometer readings for log day when using Odometer records to record miles driving.
3. Modify 'Days Out' report so days out includes time from last 'leave home' to last day of report period inclusive. 02/11/2004

1. Repaired 'grid markers' display so show all split sleeper resets of 11hr/14hr clocks to zero.
2. Re-activate 'big grid' window after date changes if 'arrow key' input option is enabled.
3. Added audit option to delete all duty status records in log day.
4. Added another demo trial days test. 02/06/2004 **

1. Added allowance for USA 2004 14 hour rule to allow first of sleeper berth 'pairs' to exist in 10+ hours combined off duty and sleeper berth periods. (This allows a driver to log a sleeper berth of 10+ hours and combine it with another sleeper berth of 2+ hours, which will qualify the driver as a split sleeper berth operator, when a driver excludes a sleeper berth, and then log's off duty, instead of the 2nd sleeper berth.)
2. Repaired USA 2004 100 air-mile rule from 14 hours on duty to 12 hours on duty allowed. 16 hour exception is allowed.
3. Repair the FMCSR 395 references for violations for the 100 air mile rules. 01/30/2004
1. Changed internal rules management so grid markers will be displayed on a day with USA 2004 rule plus other rule/s.
2. Added separate log file for Visual Violations for iTruck.
3. Repaired Remarks list box mouse 'left click' select item uncertainty.
4. Added 5th recap option - 7 day summary - reverse days.
5. Added 'Restart' indicator to 7 day summary recaps and to recap'Details'report.
6. Repaired 395.1(o) short haul driver rules processing. 34hr restart and 16hr exception.
7. Repaired 14hr rule so a long On Duty Not Driving line will allow tentative sleeper berth to extend.
8. Smaller recap footer and header text size for screen display.
9. Added 'tool tips' help to grid markers.
10. Repaired Motor Carrier record carry forward processing.
11. Added program version field to log file header record. 01/26/2004
1. Repaired 14hr rule so 10+ hours off duty can start with sleeper berth.
2. Changed printed output so lines are scaled to 300 dpi equals 1 pixel so 600/1200 dpi printers get some thicker lines.
3. Added 395.3 references to driving, on duty, and HOS violation descriptions.
4. Enabled special option for 'no recap values' displayed on screen. 01/20/2004
1. Added 16 hour exception to 14 hour rule for 395.1(d)(m)(n)(o) drivers.
2. Repair printed DDL log if more than 4 vehicle numbers for log day.
3. Add recursive protection for 34 hour restart conditions.
4. Add a crash safety test for 'grid marker' times calculations. 01/18/2004
1. Repaired USA 2004 rule to allow 2nd sleeper of qualified 'pair' to exist in 'effective' off duty of 10+ hours. 01/17/2004
1. Repaired USA 2004 rule for 34 hour restart so if driver works past 60hr/70hr limits, he must 'recover' positive available hours at start of log day before 34 hour counter 'starts'.
2. Adjusted Recap window so 7 day summary recap does not get 'clipped' at bottom.
3. Enabled Grid markers display toggle as menu option.
4. Enabled special option for 'no violations' displayed on screen. 01/12/2004
1. Implemented USA 2004 70hr/8d rule as 'new driver' default.
2. Remove possible 'long delay' or 'hang' when no Remarks records  to display. 01/10/2004
1. Modified FMCSR 395.1(d)(m)(n)(o) rule selection so 24hr restart is not confused with USA 2004 34hr restart.
2. Improved Scanware print module remarks spacing to remove overlaps.
3. Repaired '7/8 day hours worked' for 'classic' recap.
4. Repaired 24hr restart effect on 'hours gained' in recap. 01/09/2004
1. Modified so 'Grid Markers' are active as long as USA 2004 rule is active.
2. Interim repair to '24hr Restart' USA 2004 rule. Still no 16hr exception implemented. 01/08/2004
1. Repaired 'Hours Gained' in classic Recap so zero when 34 hour restart occurs during hours of service cycle of 8 or 7 days. 01/06/2004
1. Repair recap calculation so 34 hour restart does not zero 7/8 day hours worked calculation prematurely. 01/05/2004
1. Repair crash for noon to noon log day combined with USA 2004 rule.
2. Modified default rules so USA 2004 11hr/14hr/70hr/8d is the default. 01/04/2004
1. Repair 34hr reset that 'counts' Off Duty/Sleeper Berth 'into the future' compared to current time. 01/02/2004
1. Repaired USA 2004 34 hour reset so consecutive Off Duty and Sleeper Berth time counts as effective 34 hours Off Duty.
2. Repaired consecutive 'Off Duty' day counter for printing logs.
3. Repaired USA 2004 Exempt (100-air mile) rule to use 34 hour reset.
4. Repaired Duty Status Details window to show correct On Duty (14 hour rule) available hours. 01/01/2004
1. Repaired Recap details calculations when switching from USA to USA 2004 rules 'on the fly'.
2. Repaired crash if USA 2004 rule selected for reset 70hr/60hr with 24 hours Off Duty and 16 hour exception checking. 12/30/2003
1. Added USA 2004 70hr/8d rule to default rules 'quick pick list'. 12/29/2003
1. Added grid markers to show 'previous' duty period for 'Duty Status Details' window and grid markers for USA 2004 rule. 12/23/2003
1. Repaired USA 2004 rule so large 10+ hour Sleeper Berths 'nestled' in large Off Duty are not evaluated but used as part of big Off Duty.
2. Changed settings description works for CVSA 10 hours Off Duty OOS. 12/21/2003
1. Repaired Canada so violations canceled by '4to8' rule are removed from grid and violations report. Bug introduced 07 Nov 2003.
2. Repaired USA 2004 34 Hour reset which is not allowed if working past 70/60th hour prior to taking 34 hours off duty. 12/20/2003
1. Repaired USA 2004 14hr rule in which 'extender' Sleeper should have been allowed even if 11 hour driving violation occurs.
2. Added more non-display character filters to file read/write buffers and to record field testing for data integrity testing. 12/17/2003
1. Repaired USA 2004 14hr rule so 'extender' Sleeper Berth cannot start after the 14th hour in the duty period.
2. Repaired USA 2004 to correct 'coming on duty' time after a Sleeper Berth followed immediately by Off Duty.
3. Repaired 'split sleeper pair' search when two or more Sleeper Berth are followed by a long Driving period. 12/14/2003
1. Removed single sleeper followed by off duty which assumes that sleeper is an 'extender' for 14hr rule.
2. Fixed crash when entering data records when 'Big Grid' is active. 12/11/2003
1. Repaired Canadian Recap 'Details' report bug introduced 03 Sep 2003.
2. More USA 2004 rule work on 14hr to find 'optimum' 'extender' Sleeper Berth. 12/10/2003
1. Implemented situation that allows 14hr rule 'extender' in which a driver logs 2+ hour Sleeper, Drives past 14hr, and goes Off Duty instead of the planned second Sleeper. 12/10/2003
1. Implemented an 'off duty' acting like 2nd 'sleeper' of 'split sleeper' so 14hr duty period 'extends'.
2. Repaired bug which copied zero from 'miles driving' to 'vehicle miles'. 12/07/2003
1. Implemented alternate out of service rule (OOS) option to USA 2004 rule.
2. Repaired USA 2004 14 hour rule - allow 'extender' even if violation of 11hr driving rule.
3. Add 70/60 hr HOS marker to grid markers for USA 2004 rule.
4. Removed 11hr/14hr+X test on finding valid 14hr 'extender'.
5. Added test so 14hr 'extender' cannot start after 14hr absolute. 12/05/2003 and 12/05/2003
1. Repaired USA 2004 14 hour rule - new software design. 12/03/2003
1. Repaired bug in USA 2004 34 hour reset of 70hr/60hr which is not allowed if work hours exceeds 70hr/60hr prior to taking 34 hours off duty. 11/29/2003
1. Repaired a bug in which some violations hours are doubled. Introduced in v3.2.7.0.
2. Repaired a bug in which Odometer fields were not 'carried' to next new record if a Power Unit record and TruckId was not specified.
3. Added USA 2004 check for 70hr/60hr exceeded then 34 hour 'reset' not Allowed. 11/28/2003
1. Repaired a bug in which some violations hours are doubled. Introduced in v3.2.7.0.
2. Repaired a bug in which Odometer fields were not 'carried' to next new record if a Power Unit record and TruckId was not specified. 11/18/2003
1. Modify information windows so they do not retain 'focus' when visible. 11/17/2003
1. Implement latest 'clarification' on USA 2004 rule especially 14 hour rule. Also assumes 'last Sleeper Berth' will 'extend' 14 hour duty period. 11/09/2003
1. Implement numeric InstallationID/ActivationCode activation method. 11/07/2003
1. USA 2004 rules - converted 'freebie' Sleeper Berth for 14 hour rule into a settings option with default to no 'freebie' Sleeper allowed.
2. USA 2004 rules - added 34 hour Off Duty reset cannot be used if violations precede the 34 hour Off Duty period. 11/02/2003
1. Repaired visual violations in multi-driver violations reports. 10/26/2003
1. Added 'Miles Driving' only as option for Miles Driving dialog. 09/24/2003
1. Repaired USA 2004 rule to allow one 2+ hour Sleeper during 14hr duty period.
2. Added Duty Status Details window for USA 2004 rules.
3. Repaired DDL iTruck so Visual Violations are filtered correctly for date range selected for Violations report.
4. Repair Adverse Condition rule 'reset' message for USA 2004 rule.
5. Added Quick Pick Rules List to 'Rules on Fly' data record dialog.
6. Added notes - reasons and solution (hotmail)- for when DDL email fails.
7. Added 'shift key down' option to tablet calibration procedure. 09/17/2003
1. Optimized Canada '4to8' processing to isolate effects to Canada rules.
2. Repaired Driver Information window for USA 2004 rules.
3. Repaired zero 70 hr violation record in Violations report.
4. Repaired bugs and potential crash during USA 2004 Exempt rule processing.
5. Repaired Monthly Summary to show USA 2004 Exempt violations. 09/12/2003
1. Repaired CoDriver grid 'ticks' display to removed unnecessary 'ticks'.
2. Repaired potential crash in new USA 2004 rules processing. 09/06/2003
1. Repaired USA 2004 14 hour duty period rule and 'reset' due to Split Sleepers. 09/05/2003
1. Repaired potential crash due to CoDriver and reports.
2. Settlement report saves report settings.
3. Repaired settings for 'groups of drivers' and 'run on LAN' for iTruck.
4. Repaired potential crash as a result of new driver and USA 2004 rule. 09/02/2003
1. Reactivated Vehicle Numbers records as a user selectable alternative to 'forced' use of Power/Towed unit records, from v3.1.6.
2. Improved default Power/Towed selected for Activity sub-record.
3. Repaired and improved automatic copy of Miles Driving to Vehicle miles for solo drivers.
4. Repaired KM/Miles report setting being 'dropped' occasionally.
5. Improved use of CoDriver fuel records in Fuel report.
6. Added auto size of screen and printer fonts in recap and grid. 08/29/2003
1. Repaired Settlement report dialog error introduced in recent version.
2. Added multi-driver Violations batch reports to iTruck. 08/27/2003
1. Repaired crash when 7 days recap is used with 'current time'. 08/23/2003
1. Changed 'keyboard' duty status entry so an duty status error does not cause exit.
2. Added more notes in 'Rules on the Fly' Quick Pick list dialog.
3. Changed Multi-Driver Summary report to use one 'print job' for all report pages.
4. Added grid hour totals and recap totals to user selected font.
5. Changed Canada '4to8 shortchange' rule to be more lenient. 08/14/2003
1. Repaired vehicle driver count license limit analysis.
2. Repaired 'lost' user registration data during email registration. 08/08/2003
1. Repaired the USA 2004 14hr duty period extended by split sleeper.
2. Changed Recap Details so report for Canadian HOS is 'separated' into up to the 3 HOS rules (7,8,14 day) allowed per log day.
3. Added options for sleeper hours needed to extend USA 2004 14Hr duty period.
4. Changed default new Manifest record as 'open' instead of 'old'.
5. Added check box to not show dialog for notes on 'open'/'close'.
6. Added option in Reports Settings to open reports to full screen.
7. Added iTruck TDS name address phone email to warranty screen. 07/30/2003
1. Changed DDL email send feature so Microsoft Outlook  and MSN Mail interface works. 07/24/2003
1. Repaired 'hang' when switching to Settlement from Revenue report.
2. Removed registration validation option - not needed.
3. Repaired DDL help system so iTruck help will function properly.
4. Repaired DDVIR check mark position error with positive left margin setting.
5. Repaired Miles/KM radio button in Trip record dialog.
6. Repaired record fields cleared when Power/Towed vehicle user type combo selection changed. 07/22/2003
1. Added iTruck icon. 07/21/2003
1. Added more processing and notes to 'open'/'close' record processing.
2. Minor adjustments to make registration process better.
3. Added iTruck settings option. 07/16/2003
1. Added 16 hour USA 2004 exception to 395 24hr reset drivers.
2. Added Visual Violation master list manager.
3. Added more safety checks to delete vehicle driver process.
4. Changed rule description string so 'Rule: ' precedes description.
5. Added registration validation option. 07/12/2003
1. Added visual violation record/report for audit work.
2. Added cross cursor for grid window for 'rapid input option'.
3. Maximize records input tabbed dialog size for 800x600 or less.
4. Reset report dates range when another driver is selected.
5. Repair copy of motor carrier data to a new vehicle driver. 07/10/2003
1. Maximize records input tabbed dialog if 800x600 or less. 07/09/2003
1. Added audit specific violation/commendation letter capability.
2. Repaired default reports dates when changing to another driver.
3. Switch to lower case InstallationID and ActivationCode. 07/03/2003
1. Added Routed/Odometer compare to Trips report.
2. Added column width adjustment to DDL 'text' style reports in DDL. 07/01/2003
1. Repaired USA 2004 Exempt from 12hr to 14hr duty period.
2. Added DDL report list box column width adjustment.
3. License data adjustment added. Clears license data file. 06/30/2003
1. Added USA 2004 Exempt (100 air mile) rule with 16hr Exception.
2. Repaired USA Exempt (100 air mile) to remove 34hr reset. 06/22/2003
1. Added DDVIR option to Scanware module 'Generic 210' form.
2. Repaired automatic transfer Fuel purchase amount to Expense record.
3. Added 'Splash' window display (Bitmap display) as an option.
4. Repaired reports tabbed dialog to display correctly on 800 x 600 screens. 06/20/2003
1. Added option to force Canadian Odometer field on USA regulations log. 06/13/2003
1. Repaired 'unsupported operation' in Print Log Days. 06/12/2003
1. Reefer Fuel option added to fuel record and reports. 06/11/2003
1. Repaired '4to8' rule for Canada rules.
2. Odometer record Trailer ID repairs. 06/08/2003
1. Repair edit USA rule FMCSR 395.1(d)etc. bug.
2. Scanware 210 Generic Left Red Dot shifted to right. 06/06/2003
1. Repair currency rates report 'hang'.
2. Add option to print comment records in Scanware print module.
3. Repair 'set keyboard focus' to Remarks edit in data record edit. 06/05/2003
1. Repaired date limits in some reports.
2. Licensed driver count work. 06/02/2003
1. Removed 'automatic backup' feature until lost data bug repaired.
2. Repaired scanware missing Fuel record.
3. Repaired 'Print Log Days' report buttons when report is resized.
4. Repaired scanware missing 'tick' for 'comment w/Tick' remark.
3.2.3 05/31/2003
1. Release first download version.
3.2.3  05/30/2003
1. Add 'Log Back' files for automatic log file backups.
2. Add version checking so Reports and Scanware modules installs are 'in sync' with DDL program. 05/27/2003
1. Repair 'Copy from Co-Driver' (crash) for Manifest/Trip records. 05/27/2003
1. Repair Scanware data validation which causes hang.
3.2.2 05/26/2003
1. Released DDL with changes, repairs, and enhancements listed below. 05/23/2003
1. Added option to show Trip Numbers from Trip Records on log sheets. 05/20/2003
1. Added Trip Records and Reports. 05/18/2003
1. Implemented tabbed dialog for reports. 05/07/2003
1. Moved Scanware settings to ScanwareDDL.dll
2. Install is now two downloads. 05/05/2003
1. Repaired USA 2004 settings to use default 70hr/8d rule. 05/04/2003
1. Added 'Category' to Odometer record and report. 05/03/2003
1. Repaired Team violations not always calculated. 05/02/2003
1. Repaired CoDriver Toolbar 'button' actions.
2. Repaired carry fwd from previous month.
3. Repaired 'Add/Removed' record handling with exactly same date and time. 04/27/2003
1. CoDriver records and multiple Co-Driver implemented. and 04/27/2003
1. USA 2004 - repair split sleeper and 14hours to include Off Duty. 04/25/2003
1. USA 2004 - 11hr/14hr rules with HOS reset w 34hrs Off Duty.
2. Added KLLM/TRL Scanware log printout.
3. Repaired '218' not printed. 04/20/2003
1. Non-taxable fuel report repairs. 04/18/2003
1. Repaired problems after closing Print Preview using 'X' button.
2. Added Driver Notes field to Prime DDVIR. 04/17/2003
1. Added Remarks word wrap to as many as 4 lines. 04/15/2003
1. Added Remarks text wrap to as many as 3 lines. 04/13/2003
1. Repaired editing of 'carry fwd' records.
2. Repaired printed grid line thickness bug. 04/07/2003
1. Repaired potential errors in Fuel Report averages for MPG, etc. 04/04/2003
1. Added 'Fuel' record to Scanware Prime log sheet. 04/03/2003
1. Added PRIME scannable log print.
2. Repaired potential crash during data record conversions.
3.2.0 03/21/2003
1. Added Scanware scannable logs print module - DDLScanware.dll.
2. Added combined Motor Carrier record - combines Driver ID and Motor Carrier Name, Main Terminal, and Home Terminal.
3. Enhance Power/Towed unit record and report capabilities.
4. Added CoDriver record to replace CoDriver Name record. 04/20/2003
1. Repaired non-taxable Fuel Report.
3.1.6 04/07/2003
1. Repaired averages in Fuel Report.
2. Repaired clearing of 'Vehicle Miles Today' field. 03/22/2003
1. Repaired rule selection bug in 'New User Wizard'. 03/20/2003
1. Repaired potential crash during print preview.
2. Removed duplicate warning messages about current time and date. 03/12/2003
1. Repair to route 'Enter' to 'Update Data' when editing a data record. 03/04/2003
1. Repairs to prevent potential 'hang' during printing of log sheets. 02/25/2003
1. Repaired Fuel Report for KM and Liters.
2. Repaired Fuel Report for 'little boxes' in report for KM versions.
3. Routed 'Enter' key to 'Add Record' button for data record input. 01/29/2003
1. Restored 'Add Record' button to always active during data entry. 01/24/2003 and 2.46.21 01/24/2003
1. Repaired a problem in '4to8' analysis when changing to/from CANADA and YT Terr. rules on the fly. 01/23/2003 and 2.46.20 01/23/2003
1. Repaired conversion of old rules on the fly records to new format. Date and time of rule change did not convert.
3.1.5 01/21/2003
1. Added Alberta intra-province Time Break rules - 4 hour driving take 10 minute break or 6 hour driving take 30 minute break. 01/20/2003
1. Repaired last driver log file not saved properly for DDL on LAN. 01/19/2003

1. Added 'lock'/'unlock' vehicle driver for Audit version.
2. Repaired potential crash when switching to co-driver when no co-driver has been specified.
3. Repaired Fuel Report with switched Miles/Gal and Miles/Ltr headings. 01/18/2003
1. Added option to run DDL on a LAN and use local registry for last log file accessed if DDL on LAN for Audit version. 01/17/2003
1. Repaired IFTA report setting was not saved.
3.1.4 01/16/2003
1. Changed send email to use system default email client. 01/15/2003
1. Clarify Activate Registration procedure in dialog and help topic. 01/13/2003
1. Added hand cursor for Windows 95/98. 01/12/2003
1. Repaired crash in Win95/98/ME in DDVIR, Settings, and Reports module.
2. Repaired 'towed unit' report for trailer field on DDVIR. 01/11/2003
1. Repaired potential crash in DDVIR form on Win98. - NO. 01/10/2003
1. Repaired 'hang' if day changes during data record edit.
2. Added timer for 'bigger/smaller' DDVIR button. 01/05/2003
1. Changed from dialog to property sheet for data records editing.
3.1.3 01/04/2003
1. Added quick pick combo to keyboard duty status dialog.
2. Added 'shift key' to 'reverse' rapid input option setting.
3. Repaired color red print output hours data in Recap window.
4. Repaired potential crash in DDVIR form on Win95/98 Maybe not Win98. 12/31/2002
1. Repaired Driver Information Window that would not close.
2. Repaired Files Backup/Restore to show local file times.
3. Highlight selected tab in data entry property sheet.
3.1.2 12/23/2002
1. Added Illinois intra-state rule 12/15/70hr/7day.
2. Added edit data record to search data records report.
3. Repaired 'Edit Rule' in regulations/rules dialog which 'broke' in v3.1.0.
3.1.1 12/15/2002
1. Added Audit and Lite as program versions.
2. Repaired possible 'hang' during add duty status record.
3. Repaired 'Print All Logs as Print Job' setting not saved.
4. Repaired missing 'Use Odometer Records' button for 'Miles Driving'.
3.1.0 12/07/2002
1. Added improved reports module - DDLReports.dll
2. Added a search for log files report - find 'lost' log files.
3. Added DDVIR printed margins to settings.
4. Browse button option.
3.0.14x 11/20/2002
1. Extend trial period to 15 Dec 2002 .
3.0.14 11/09/2002
1. Repaired Odometer record that stopped working in v3.0.13
3.0.13 11/06/2002
1. Improve Backup/Restore so it is easier to understand.
2. Made DDL aware of system color changes, 'inverse' colors.
3. More registration work regarding network related issues.
3.0.12 10/29/2002
1. Repaired 'pop out of registration' when DSL/cable modems are plugged/unplugged.
3.0.11 10/27/2002
1. Repaired special case processing in license module.
3.0.10 10/25/2002
1. Repaired Remarks would not print caused by changes in v3.00.9.
3.00.9 10/18/2002
1. Added 'Add to File' for report consolidations.
2. Added Odometer record at midnight appears in Remarks both days.
3. Added minor changes to license module, hardware/product key.
4. Added line 'overflow' in Remarks to handle long lines of text.
3.00.8 10/17/2002
1. Added USA 100-air mile exemption rule.
2. Added currency exchange records/report, $CN to $US, as option.
3. Added sizeable report dialogs.
4. Repaired miles/gallon field of fuel report to show '------'.
5. Add warning when 2 character state/providence. codes are not valid.
3.00.7 10/15/2002
1. Repaired IFTA report to ignore lower rate in a quarter.
2. Added 'Exit after Add Record' to duty status dialog.
3. Improved power/towed units report for 'Vehicle Numbers' log field.
4. Repaired 'miles/gallons' fuel 'blank' report field for 'fill ups'.
3.00.6 10/12/2002
1. Improved data entry by using a tabbed dialog.
2. Improved DDVIR so more space for tractors/trailers.
3. Added power/towed unit records to make vehicle numbers easier to manage.
3.00.5 10/08/2002
1. Repaired more problems in Settings, edit and spinners.
3.00.4 10/06/2002
1. Improved hardware verification in license module.
2. Repaired browse button in settings for user font.
3.00.3 10/05/2002
1. Repaired a crash in settings that might occur using Windows 98.
3.00.2 10/05/2002
1. Repaired system resource consumer in settings processor.
2. Repaired potential crash during report generation.
3. Repaired message windows so they will stay on top.
4. Repaired registration confirmation process for hardware.
3.00.1 10/01/2002
1. Add registration features. Freeware is history.
2. Modify 'toolbar' for larger resolution screen displays.
3. Convert from one to two line descriptions in Recap display.
4. Repaired transfer of bitmap signature file to new vehicle driver when using 'New Driver Wizard'.
5. Repaired occasional problem printing of Recap under Windows XP.
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