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Users Wish List:

I have decided to post most of the features 'wish' list here so that users of the program can see what is coming in the future. I am listing them in the order that they probably be implemented if at all.

DONE in v2.00 - 1. Allow changing of rules 'on the fly' i.e. at border crossings: USA/CANADA CA/USA. This is of interest to drivers who drive in USA and CANADA or Intrastate 'domiciled' (i.e. California) and need to change the rules that apply as they cross borders and drive in other jurisdictions..
DONE in v1.30
- 2. Add list of recent duty status memos/comments for quick picks.
This is of interest to drivers with dedicated routes. As a result their logs tend to look very much the same every day or so.
DONE in v1.20 - 3. Check team drivers side by side. This is also very handy and will probably be implemented next. After a driver's logs are entered and the team driver's logs are entered, the log Grid can be made to display the team driver's log grid on the 'master' drivers log grid. Errors like driving simultaneously will be marked. I assume that they can sleep, be on duty, and be off duty simultaneously.
DONE in v1.24 - 4. Ability to 'prime' hours of service for previous 8 days (14 days in Canada) for quick checks on HOS violations. Handy for inspectors. I have thought about this, and it still seems easier to just go back (using the Drivers Daily Log program) and enter quick duty status records using the Rapid Input option. The Driving hours could be entered as one record and the On Duty could be added as a second record (or they could be combined as one On Duty record). Start the On Duty status record at midnight and end it after the required total hours for that day. The grid scale can be used so the hours counting is easier.
DONE in v1.20
- 5. Add fueling stops (Gallons, Cost, MPG, etc.) and generate necessary on duty log records.
Probably could be expanded into miles driven in each state or province. Add toll receipts checking.
6. More items to the Drivers Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DDVIR) as an option.
Maybe add capability to 'check' things off on the computer screen. Probably should be printed separate from the log sheet, so it can be filled in for pre-trip inspections.
7. Add 'hooks' to Prophesy, ProMiles, or PC*Miler software to check mileage between points listed on the log records. Some drivers use these software packages to plan trips, and DOT inspectors use them to check mileage and speeds.
DONE in v2.00
8. Add capability to shift USA/Canada regulations 'on the fly' as a driver crosses the border between the USA and Canada.
Lets drivers convert to the country regulations in which he is driving.
DONE in v2.00 9. Adapt program to use keypad as an alternative 'rapid input' device.
10. Add 'to the minute' duty status record keeping.
Currently DDL rounds duty status times to the nearest 15 minutes per FMCSR regulations. There is increasing interest in more 'granularity' for time, since most automatic logging systems seem to be 'minute' based vs. 'quarter hour' base.
CANCELED11. Read scanned in paper logs for hours. This is one is decreasing in interest. This will be very handy for log auditors, inspectors, and drivers who most prepare paper logs even thought they are using the Drivers Daily Log. There is no planned time for completion because this is heavy duty stuff, involving 'computer vision' techniques and the software associated with it. The future for DDL is the paperless transfer of duty status data directly from a truck to the trucking company via internet email and/or 'wireless' radio data packet systems.
DONE in v1.22
- 12. Don't show vehicle number if off duty for whole log day, i.e. 24 hours off duty.
13. Add Canada special permits rules.
DONE in v2.00 - 14. General purpose 'tic' down to On Duty Not Driving other than Hazmat tire checks.
15. Remove sleeper grid for bus drivers.

DONE in v3.00.1 -16. Allow for removal of disclaimer Screen. I get several requests for this every month. It will probably not be removed. Hit the Enter key and it goes away. I have to hit that key dozens of times a day when I am doing heavy duty program development and testing. I need to present a copyright and disclaimer for legal reasons. Once you register the software Disclaimer will disappear.
DONE in v1.22 - 17. Add a backup feature. Log data files (and any other files) can be backup up to another folder or drive.
DONE in v1.22 - 18. Add adjustment to 'current time' for Time Zone adjustments. This is useful for log inspectors who have to deal with drivers using another time zone for their 'current time', ie. an inspector on the West Coast who needs to inspect the logs for a driver from the EAST Coast can now adjust the 'current time' by +3 hours without changing the computer system time clock.
DONE in v2.00 - 19. Add 'typed' or 'bitmap' log sheet signature capability. The handwritten signature is not required for all jurisdictions (especially in Canada), so the capability to use a 'typed' name or 'bitmap' signature in the Log Sheet signature block has been added to DDL. The 'typed' name is a Settings option. The 'bitmap' option requires more work to get installed in DDL. If you are reading this and REALLY need this capability, then  Or see instructions below Bitmap Signature.
DONE in v2.01 - 20. Add 'speed limit' test on average MPH for a log day.
Add a speed limit value as an audit option and 'flag' log days when this speed limit is exceeded. (See No. 23 below).
DONE in v2.08 - 21. Add capability to export Revenue/Expense transactions to Quicken in QIF format. This is not for the 'faint of heart'. You have to have a thorough knowledge of business accounting in order to implement this feature correctly. This feature is provided 'as is' for user evaluation.
DONE in v2.11 - 22. Add state/province and truck id fields to fuel stop record. And add corresponding report options.
DONE in v2.12 - 23. Do MPH analysis by state/province since each state/province has different 'speed limits' which are calculated by miles driven in a particular state divided by the hours driving in that state.
CANCELED - 24. Add fuel tax rate by state or province to fuel record for fuel tax work. (not needed see 25 below).
DONE in v2.15 - 25. Create an IFTA compatible 'fuel tax return' report based on taxable fuel purchases and miles driving in each jurisdiction.
DONE in v2.21- 26. Add Texas Interstate rule.
DONE in v2.21- 27. Add Red color as option to printed DDL log sheets for scanned log software compatibility.
DONE in v2.29 28. Add feature to print several vehicle driver's Monthly Summaries at one print session.
DONE in v2.29 29. Add feature to start log on any hour in addition to Midnight and Noon.

Some things 'pop' up and get implemented without even getting into this list. I maintain a more detailed list of many more features. They are all useful, but I think DDL has reached a limit, perhaps, in 'complexity'. We will see...

There are a few others but they involve mostly programming issues and are not particularly interesting to users of the program.

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