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Other Programs:

Truck Load Balance program (TLB) - F. Roland "Nick" Bjorklund - 12 May 2002 - Free Truck Load Balancing Software

Truckload Balance (TLB) program v0.98.5 Beta 05/12/2002 Download,  TRKBL098.EXE (349 KB)
Download size 349KB (358,360 bytes actual - must match) 360,448 used up on disk - varies on systems.

v0.98.5 repairs possible 'cut off' of windows under steers on tractor.
v0.98.4 allows fifth wheel aft of tractor tandem center - up to 36 inches.
v0.98.3 repairs pallet editing problems.
v0.98.2 adds a reefer fuel feature to trailer as an option.
v0.98 adds 'spread axle' feature for the benefit of users who run a trailer with that type of twin axles.
v0.97 repairs a problem where center of gravity of one load 'pallet' was not updated to 1/2 of the pallet length. Caused slight errors in center gravity of 'loads'.
v0.96 is a first 'release' of the program.

Check the Version History for a more complete description of changes in each version release.

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What Does TLB look like?

Screen Shot:

This is a sample screen 'shot' based on the sample tractor, trailer, and load files included with the program.

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What does TLB do?

General Discussion:

TLB is currently designed for the tractor and trailer combination of an 18 wheeler running a dry goods van. TLB can be used for flatbed configurations if you ignore the dry van graphics. A spread axle (9' example) can be set in the program, but a slide tandem is still 'drawn' by the program. More flatbed features will be added as the demand increases.

TLB will help a truck driver decide what the trailer tandem setting should be (also fifth wheel if adjustable) based on scale ticket weight data combined with some dimension data from the tractor (wheel base, fifth wheel position, etc.) and trailer (Length, king pin position, and tandem slide parameters). TLB will also allow a user to 'create' a load and load pattern which can be added to an empty trailer. This feature requires an empty tractor + trailer weight data. If the fifth wheel adjustment feature is used then further tractor empty weight data is required. Fuel weight is also accommodated. The program starts with a sample tractor, trailer, and load, so operation of the program can done before deciding to take a tape measure to your own tractor and trailer. The program stores tractors, trailers, and loads (if used) in separate files, so it will be more convenient for users who switch tractors and trailers on a regular basis.

Warning - this program will require some important data input from the user, in particular dimensions from tractor and trailer, and weight information if the load creation feature is used. It is important that the user measure the tractor carefully. Dimensions in inches should be to the nearest 1 or 2 inches. The only feet dimension is the trailer length and can be simply the nominal length (45 feet, 48 feet, or 53 feet are common nominal dimensions).

The program includes a Help system that is available at any time to explain program operation and program options.  This very crude in v0.96 and will require some user experiments to understand all the interactions between tractor, trailer, and load.

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