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Licensing Requirements 

Registering DDL is the process of converting a Demo (30 days Trial) version of DDL into a fully unlocked and registered copy of  the software.  The Demo (Trial) version of DDL has a limited trial period of time (30 days now) so a potential purchaser of DDL can try all the features and get comfortable with the software, and hopefully find the software suitable for the purpose of maintaining a Commercial Driver’s duty status logs and other related records and reports – Fuel, Odometer, Expense, Revenue, Days Out, etc.  It is conservatively estimated that there are  more than 225,000  users of DDL in the almost 10 years of DDL existence.

A single user license version of DDL will allow record keeping for up to 4 vehicle drivers.  4 Vehicle drivers covers the case of a driver ‘team’ pair as well as an additional  2 drivers for ‘what if’ planning and scenario studies. (Not 4 computers)

Privacy Information. The User Information (Name, Address, Email/Phone Number) is collected so that a registered user can be identified for support purposes and possible email notification if significant repairs to DDL occur and a updated download is available. This information is optional, and the user has the option relying only the InstallationID and ActivationCode for individual identification.  It is recommended that a minimum of a Name and email address be provided.  Credit card information is not available to the author and is handled entirely by the Registration Service. The information collected will not be sold to any third party for any reason.

A fully unlocked license entitles the user to download updates and bug fixes at no additional cost for a period of one year.  Future subscription fee's will be at significant reduced rates for the single user license.   A special download will be available that will always fix or correct bugs, or HOS information. A user can wait until a new desirable feature is implemented.

Support is provided only via email, and is not limited in the number of days after registration.  The author is prepared to provide help with DDL features only.  DDL has been designed for ease of use and a trial period of 30 days should be sufficient time to determine suitability of DDL for an individual’s use.   If a user is new to computers, then learning to run your computer is best accomplished via computer books, computer classes, or CD ROM based interactive learning.

We frequent get questions regarding the policy regarding restoring or reactivation DDL when the computer crashes, or hard drives are Updated, or when a new computer is purchased.  Please Read our Reactivation Policy.  

The purchase of a single computer license of DDL is only "Full" version US$95.00, or "Lite" version US$50.00.  A single user license will entitle the user to run DDL on one computer.  The registration process (InstallationID and ActivationCode ) ‘registers’ DDL to a particular computer.  A user will receive 2 NEW ActivationCodes as long as they can provide their DDLCustomerID/DDL number, for a total of 3 New ActivationCodes per license.  There is no limit to Re-ActivationCodes (SAME COMPUTER). See Policy letter for more information. These codes can be used for a backup computer or home computer, however only the 3 New  ActivationCodes will be issued. After the 3rd New ActivationCode is issued you must re-purchased DDL at the full price.

In order to receive a ReActivationCode, or a 'New' ActivationCode, you must have your CustomerID/DDL# number or DDL number when completing the Request for ActivationCode Form. Without this number you can be required to re-purchase the software. You can find your CustomerID/DDL number in side the email you received when you purchased the software. It will be  to the right of your name, and will start with #XXXXX or DDL#XXXXX. In this email will ask you to Print and Save this email, as you will need the number for customer support.


  Important: You must launch DDL and select menu ‘Register DDL’ to activate the registration screen and to retrieve the ‘InstallationID’ for your copy of DDL on this computer.  User Information is optional but highly recommended so author can identity you more easily as a registered user of DDL.

  There are two methods to handle the registration fees. As of 17 Dec 2002 the internet 'store' has been added..

  1. An internet 'store' has been established for credit card purchases of DDL over a secure internet connection.

    buynow.gif (2507 bytes)      Buy DDL now from Soft Shop - Credit card purchase of DDL ActivationCodes.



    After the purchase of one computer ActivationCode for US$95.00 (Team up to 4 Drivers)  If you fail to include your InstallationID, you will be contacted by email requesting the InstallationID so the appropriate ActivationCode can be generated. Every computer has a different InstallationID number, and this number can not be changed by the user. The process is repeated for the second computer if necessary.   The ActivationCode will be returned by email.

  1. Use regular mail to send in Registration Info (Print the Registration User Information and InstallationID) and include a personal or company check (US$95 (Team up to 4 Drives) Single computer or US$95 (Team up to 4 Drivers).  An ‘ActivationCode’ will be delivered back via Email or regular mail. Mail to Fritz R. Bjorklund, PO Box 157, Kulpmont PA 17834-0157

Please allow 2 weeks for regular mail to be processed.

Please contact us for licensing fees for versions of DDL that handle more than 4 vehicle drivers.  Typical situations include log auditing for motor carriers with a possible maximum practical limit of 10 to Unlimited drivers per DDL installation on a computer.  Email or Add ‘DDL’ and Customer Number to the Subject line of the email to avoid be ‘dumped’ as Spam.

  The author also welcomes comments, suggestions for features, and bug reports.  DDL has been in development since the end of 1997.  DDL is almost 12 years old, and has many features and has endured the testing of many thousands of users (estimate 125,000+ users).  But the list of features and improvements continues to get longer, so there is plenty of work to do.

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