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My name is Fritz 'Nick' Bjorklund. I am a software developer.  I have been involved with computers, engineering, and software since 1966. With the kids grown and out of the house, I decided in October 1997 to try tractor trailer driving as a possible new career. I have always admired large trucks and the people who drive them. I took the CDL course at a local vocational school.

During the Christmas holiday that year (1997), I decided that writing a truckers log book program would be something I could 'knock off' in a few weeks of spare time, since I am, after all, a 'professional software developer'. Well, it was May of 1998 before the program was ready to be distributed for others to use. Meanwhile I had driven for TRL, Inc. for a couple of months before I crushed my left heel by falling out of my tractor - at home - unloading 2 weeks of road trip 'junk' - laundry, etc. Surgery, a steel plate, 8 big screws, and after several months of 'hobbling' around the TRL yard as a permit clerk, I decided to give up trucking for a while.  After more than a year of steady contract software development work, the urge to drive came again. I did some 'casual' driving for a local Owner Operator (OO) who is signed on with Fanelli Bros. Trucking, Pottsville PA.  Delivered 'America's oldest beer'- Yuengling beer - around the PA, NY and MD areas. This ended a few months later when the OO could not afford to keep two trucks. A common OO problem recently.  I have devoted almost all of my free time to DDL and some time to TLB - the truck load balancing program.

I wrote the Drivers Daily Log (DDL) program to implement the Drivers Daily Log on a Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP based personal computer (PC). We distributed the program as "Freeware" from May 1998 to 30 Oct 2002. On 01 Oct 2002 I switched to 'try before you buy' - 30 days trial - software. There is a single user registration fee of US$70 (Team - 4 drivers).   Additional single user registration fee of US$25 (Team - 4 drivers) for a second computer installation. On 01 Oct 2005  a price change will go into effect. DDL single user registration fee will increase to US$95. We will drop the US$25 2nd copy, and replace it with a user being allowed three New Activations Codes during a one year period. A user can receive unlimited ActivationCodes on the same computer. The program is almost 7 years old and seems to be a useful tool. Features are added all the time.  Apple MAC users see the notes below for a suitable Windows emulator.

I made the move from freeware to payware primarily after spending the last year or more not finding software contracting work.  My spouse of many years convinced me that the DDL 'should pay the way' if at all possible.  The licensing fees are 'dribbling in' and looks promising as a way to 'put food on the table'.

The program is beginning to be used by professional log auditors and by some DOT inspectors and some state police. After a 6 month evaluation, the state of Florida DOT decided to use the freeware DDL program for their training and enforcement work. I never intended DDL to be a teaching or audit tool. I always considered DDL as a tool for drivers. So, I am pleasantly surprised that the enforcement community is beginning to find the DDL useful in their work.

Truck drivers are under paid, over worked, and not appreciated by non-truckers. Most people think that big trucks do nothing more than 'clog' the highways and make it hard for them to drive their 4 wheelers safely around the country side. Practically all non-truckers would like trucks removed from the highways. But we as a nation have created an economic system that uses 'just in time' transport of everything (food, inventory, parts, etc.), and that system uses trucks for 85% of all that movement of 'everything'. As much as I like trucks, I would like to see a lot of the 'long distance' freight put back on the railroads, as a way to relieve the burden and 'tension' on the highways. But, railroads have tried, and failed to meet 'just in time' constraints on deliveries of time sensitive freight. Truckers do this 'just in time' stuff so well and think nothing of it. Oh well...

DDL had been available as 'freeware' for almost 5 years, and I estimate that a minimum of 125,000 copies of the software are in use today (01 Oct 2002).  I have reached a decision to try to convert what has been a 'hobby' for several years into a 'putting the food on the table' enterprise.  If the income from DDL sales becomes 'life sustaining', I can then devote all of my time to making DDL better to the benefit of all users of DDL.  The modest registration license fee of US$95 is not going to make me rich, and it should not be hard on the pocket books of the hard working truck drivers who hopefully will find DDL useful and a software tool that they 'can't live without'.  The savings from not having to pay motor carrier 'fines' or worse DOT log fines will more than pay for the cost of a DDL license.

Truck drivers work hard and spend many lonely hours away from home trying to earn a barely decent wage. No driver is getting rich driving a truck.  Though I have met a few owner operators and independents that are making a decent living hauling specialized cargo.

Smartphone's, IPAD,  We do not have any software that will work on Smartphone's or the IPAD, nor do we have plans to develop any at this time

Email Address: if you have questions or comments.  Add 'DDL' to Subject line to avoid being dumped as Spam.

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