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 I have a registered and unlocked version of DDL, Now it is saying it is back in trial mode and locked.  I cannot enter anything into the program. What happened? And what do I do to reactivate?

A: There are several things that will cause DDL to go back to the trial period (Locked or Unlocked). Note: Carry Paper Logbooks with you at all times!

In all cases (even if not covered in the list below, the steps to activate/reactivate are the same:

1. Download and install the latest version, as of today, this minute. (we might of slipped an update in the past 24 hours with the same version number.)

2. Submit a "Request for Activation Code Form with the InstallationID that appears on the top. (You can click on this link below to complete the form now. Complete all information to speed up the request.

Request for Activation Code Form

Here are the most common reasons DDL goes back to Trial mode:

    1. A change in hardware. i.e. CPU, Mother Board, Updating the BIOS, Memory and Hard Drive.

    2. Upgrading to any different version of any operating system will cause DDL to de-activate.  All that is needed to reactivate is to download and install the latest DDL and any print modules. Then complete a Request for Activation Form. You will need the new InstallationID number that is displayed.

    3. Deleting, or Uninstalling DDL will in most cases cause DDL to generate a new InstallationID number. We do not recommend deleting and is not needed, when updating all you need to do is close DDL program, then re-download the current DDL file from our download section on the web site, or click on the link on the top of your DDL program, if you have version or later installed. Run the install program, DDL will update the needed files. If you do uninstall, then use the uninstall located under START Menu-Drivers Daily Log-Uninstall

    4.  Copying or moving the entire Drivers Daily Log Folder onto another computer. This will cause DDL to change the InstallationID number, which will cause DDL to go back to a trial version.  Copy, or move only the Drivers Folder is the correct way.

    5. Changing, or installing/moving where DDL was first installed (lives) Default is C:/Program Files/Drivers Daily Log to say C:/Drivers Daily Log. You can find this by looking at the Top Title bar.

    6. Installing DDL on a removable device. i.e. flash drive, external hard drive. Each time you 'plug' into a different computer DDL will generate a new InstallationID number, and will have to have a NEW ActivationCode. Noted there is a limit of three NEW activations before you will need to repurchase DDL. (Each computer is one, even if the software is on a flash drive.

    7. If you have not updated the software in the past nine months, DDL will start popping up warning boxes that the software is about to expire. You will need to:

        a) Back up your Drivers Folder to an external device. (CDROM or DVDROM, Flash/Jump drive.

        b) Download and Install the latest version of DDL and any print modules you have installed.

If you let the software expire, just follow a and b above.  If the software stay in trial mode, you will need to complete the "Request for ActivationCode Form" located on the web site.

    8. On some computers, older DDL versions would sometimes fail to 'hold' because of occasional long delays, timeouts, in DDL waiting for an expected response from Windows operating system. DDL has been modified/repaired in later versions to correct this. (Update to the latest version)

    9. We also suspect that DDL users are 'uninstalling' DDL before an updating to latest version. Since the version number is in the InstallationID number, this will cause a change in the InstallationID number. If not caught, then the Activation Code we issue will fail as it was for the old InstallationID number. A new "Request for Activation Code Form" will need to be submitted.

An 'uninstall' is very rarely required. The install program replaces all the program files, so an 'uninstall' is not required.

When DDL goes back to a trial period, DDL looks back at how much time you have used of the 30 days trial period. i.e. you download and install DDL and use it for 30 days, you decide you like it and purchase it, Later you change your hard drive, DDL goes back to the trial period and you would have 30 days left.    

Each computer gets the 30 days trial period, (you will need to send a Request for ActivationCode Form from the web site, to start this 30 day trial) when the period is over DDL will show 0 days remaining, and will not allow any new input, until the software is reactivated. You can still print and see all log days you have entered. DDL never deletes any log data.

10.  After Installation version or later, and you purchased the software over a year, or had a version installed that was over a year old. then you will need to complete the 'Request for ActivationCode Form' located on our Web Site. You will be issued a new InstallationID that you need to put on the Request Form. Please complete a different 'Request Form' for each computer you have activated.

 Request for Activation Code Form

11.  Check the system clock (time and date.  If the clock is 'off' by so many days so that trial days becomes 'unreasonable' then DDL will refuse to activate. Set the System Date and Time to current time now, then re-enter the ActivationCode.

12. You must be logged in as administrator, Vista requires you check  three areas (see Vista Notes). If not then DDL will not produce a InstallationID that can be activated, If you are sure the InstallationID matches what DDL is displaying (it can and will change on it's own, You can not change this number). And you are sure you have entered the ActivationCode as instructed in the email you received. (remember the letter o is not the same as a number o). Then you need to check that DDL is in Administration mode. (Windows can and does change this back to standard mode)

13. If you wait more than 3 months to update the software, it can (not always) cause DDL to loose it Activationcode and a new InstallationID will be created. You will need to complete the "Request for Activation Code Form" with the new InstallationID code on your computer now. (Not the old InstallationID number). We recommend updating at least every two months to stay current.

Request for Activation Code Form

14. Changes in our Activation system can cause the InstallationID number to change if the software has not been updated every few months.  You will need to complete the "Request for Activation Code Form" with the new InstallationID code on your computer now. (Not the old InstallationID number). We recommend updating at least every two months to avoid this.

Request for Activation Code Form

15. Our activation process relies, in part, to information provided by the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) system which is a database of hardware and software information maintained by Windows. But, applications and driver software can 'muck around' in it and add 'extensions'.  If the WMI data changes, then DDL InstallationID will change, and that will most likely 'kick' DDL activation, so DDL assumes install on a different computer. A reactivation code will be needed.

Note: if the WMI is changing daily or more, this indicates hardware might be going bad, or shorting out. Backup, Backup, Backup.

Request for Activation Code Form

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