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Q9: I have enter the ActivationCode I received in the email from DDL Software, But the software is saying it failed, what am I doing wrong?

A: This can be caused by several things. #2 is most likely!

    1. Check the number/letters entered very carefully as it is very easy to reverse or put a wrong number in.

    2. Check the InstallationID number on the computer against the InstallationID number on the email you received from us. Is it the same number?

        a. YES, then continued to #3 below,

        b. No, then you will need to complete a new "Request for Activation Code Form" located on our web site. or click on the button below.

Request for Activation Code Form

        c. Why is the number changed: see FAQ Question # 3

    3. Did you place the hyphen's in the code? They must be entered. i.e. 64567-12983-00012-09890 would be correct, but 64567129830001209890 would fail as would 64567-129830012-09890, notice the missing hyphen between the 2nd and 3rd group of numbers. 6702O-87898-AB56T-Z98U1.

Check the Activation Code. The letters can be enter either small or caps. However the number 0 is not the same as the letter O. The number 1 is not the same as the letter i.  In the email we will tell which it is. ie: the 1st 0 is a number the 2nd O is a letter. The 1st 1 is a number.   Read and check your work.

    4. This is not the correct computer. Each computer will have different InstallationID number and can not be changed by the user. Check the InstallationID number and make sure it is a match for the one submitted. All valid InstallationID and ActivationCode will be counted against the three allowed, A error will result in using one of your three (3) "NEW" Codes allowed. You must complete a 'Request for Activation Code Form' on our web site if the number is different, we will inform you if this is counted as a 'NEW' Code or a reactivation. Visit  or, our main web site at for the form, or click on the button below.

Request for Activation Code Form

    5. Did you update the software, after you sent the InstallationID number, but before you entered an ActivationCode? If so then your InstallationID number has changed, and the ActivationCode we provided will not work. You must send the new InstallationID number to receive an ActivationCode, click on the button below

Request for Activation Code Form

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