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Current Version ---  01-Sep-2018


 (slipped versions corrects small bugs, or add new minor features, see version history for details on changes)

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Special Note: If you are using the latest version of Norton Security and it is telling you that DDL is a virus, or has a Cloud9 virus, then Norton has placed DDL into Quarantine you will need to follow the steps listed on Norton Web Site to Un-Quarantine the file DDL350.exe first, before you can Install it and run DDL.  Click here to go to Norton's web site.  DO THIS ONLY IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED DDL FROM THIS WEB SITE!!!

This Version Contains the 34 hr Rule change that was signed into law on the 16-Dec-2014

NEWS: FMCSA released the Final Hours of Service (HOS) rules. Click here to see information.

DDL version 3.5.x.x contains the new rules. (USA 2011)

The following three rules became effective on Feb-27-2012 and are in the USA2005 rules updates and USA 2011 rules.

1. On-Duty Time -- Allows team drivers to log 2 hours on the front or rear of an 8 hour sleeper break in off-duty status, without a violation.

2. Penalties -- Driving more than 3 hours (past your 11/14/60/70 hours)  is now considered a egregious violation and fines are $2,750 for the driver and up to $11,000 for the motor carrier. (Per Offense) New Grid marker added to DDL to show this violation

3. Oil Field  Exemption -- Wait time must be shown on the log book. DDL has added a Line 5 to the graph, You will need to be running the Oilfield rule.

The Following 2 rules become effective on July 1, 2013, They can be use after Feb-27-2012 if the motor carriers wishes. You will need to switch rules to the USA 2011.

1. Limitations on minimum "34 hour restarts" -- You must have 168 hours since the START of the last 168 hours break to get a 34 restart. Two periods from 1-5 am must also be included in the count. New 168 hrs grid marker added to DDL.

2. Rest breaks -- new 30 min break before 8 hours (driving/On duty) has passed. New 8 hr grid marker add to DDL to show this. Please Remember that you are only in violation IF you drive after 8 hours without the 30 min break.  Just like the 11/14/70 hours rules. Violations occur if you drive.

New FMCSA Log Book Examples Web Site

Federal Register of New 2011 Hours of Service Rules in pdf format

If this is a new install choose the USA 2005 rules, unless you want to run the new USA2011 rules.


2007 Canada Rules

 With Canada DDVIR Schedule 1, 2,  & 3    

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  Each file is signed using a COMODO  Digital Certificate to authenticate us as the publisher of the software and to protect the software from alteration after publication.
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NEWS -- 24-March-2008


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