Important Regarding DDL and ELD (Electronic Log Device)  please read...

We are working on an ELD solution - hardware and software - BUT we cannot be sure that we can complete the project before required implementation date - 17 Dec 2017.  So if ELD does apply to you, we STRONGLY suggest that you DO NOT purchase DDL license.  We suggest that if you need DDL in the mean time, that you request a temporary ActivationCode.   Install DDL v3.6.0.07 (or later version) and provide us, via email, the InstallationID from the installed DDL v3.6.0.07 so we can return proper ActivationCode.  

If you are sure that you are NOT required to use an ELD -- Maybe our Canadian friends who DON'T  'run the USA', or your company is 'exempt' from ELD requirements -- then you may purchase a DDL license from our business  partners in South Dakota.

You must INCLUDE your Complete Name (if driver) or Company Name, address, city, state, zip, phone and fax number along with an EMAIL Address for our partners to handle properly and without delays.

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