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Software for Truckers

Accounting/Business Software: -

For Owner Operators and Company Drivers by Owner Operators. Keep your finances straight, keep your boss honest. Track your maintenance, miles, IFTA and print Instant Trip Sheets. Make invoices and more... No forms to fill out, try it free for 10 trips. Buy it for $100.

Load Ledger - A link to Accounting software (double entry) designed by and for truckers. Nice folks from Effingham IL (I-57/I-70).

HammerLane - A link to an Owner Operator software package that has been available for 10+ years. Fred Gasperson.

MacD CompuPros makers of SuperTrucker 98, accounting software for PI Pro Series Software

Marvel Illusions - Formerly Trucker's Office Solutions  by Kevin G. Timberlake -- TURBOXP Software and GHOST TRACKER Software .  -- Updated web site.

Tiger Software Systems, Inc., Specialize in business accounting applications for trucking, freight brokerage, warehouse, and wholesale distribution business sectors. The application is completely integrated and written in the Windows 32 bit environment.

   Truck Bites  - FREE Trucking Software plus IFTA Fuel Tax Services!  "TruckBytes" By: Partners In Trucking, LLC is for Drivers, Owner Operators,  Independents, Small Fleets and Small Trucking Companies alike.
  * Track Loads
  * Manage Customers
  * Create Invoices
  * Monitor Outstanding Invoices
  * Income & Expense Reports
  * Trip Reports
  * IFTA Fuel Taxes and much more!
  Created by an Independent with over 23 years of trucking experience.
  W. Joel Baker

Trucker's Office Solution  - An affordable software solution for Truck Drivers.  Visit this site and check of the newest software for truckers.

Cyber Truck Stop --  Will be writing a users guide to Drivers Daily Log. A very nice web site. Also reviews software for the trucker.

 Paper log scanning system vendors.
J.J. Keller - KellerScan(tm) LogChecker - Audit style duty status checker/verifier.  Probably the best known since J.J. Keller is so well known in the trucking industry.   The business development people at J.J. Keller the makers of Log Checker software. - Rapid Log scanner systems - Larry Steinbecker - CMoV,Inc. Jay Mitchell (800)888-1649 runs a company in mid america. - Scanware Jim Sale, Bill Tomlinson  A company here in PA. - TDSM Andy Brownell, President. (We recommend this company). A company out of Canada.  - RAIR Technologies LLC, Boca Raton, FL 800-977-2511


Routing/Mapping Software: - CoPilot for Trucks - Made by the same company that makes PC*Miler software. Quite expensive, Made for truckers, with route restrictions, Hazmat Routing, 53' Trailers. A great interface to allow persons you give a link to see where you are at, as long as you are connected to the internet and have CoPilot running. Has a lot of mistakes/missing/incomplete roads. Delorme or Microsoft Streets and Trips would be a better bet and cheaper, by hundreds of dollars. - PC*Miler - Very expensive, not really made for the truck driver, no GPS. Great for companies. Used by the FMCSA to audit drivers for speeding. - DeLorme Street Atlas - A street level routing - not truck sensitive - software package. But you cannot beat the price $40 - $60.  Also has compatible GPS receivers for real time tracking. Actually any GPS receiver that 'transmits' NMEA location records on a serial interface (RS-232 (COM1 or COM2 on PC) will work.  I used this program connected to an Eagle Electronics GPS receiver. It gives good directions and miles as long as you use common sense. Stay on Interstates until you have to get off.   Do not 'shortcut' over dangerous mountain roads not designed for 18-wheelers. - Streets and Trips 2008  - By far has the best database of new roads, Not made for trucks, so check your map first. Will work with any GPS.

ProMiles - A truck routing software company.   They offer 'owner operator' version 'Truck Miles'.

Prophesy - A truck routing software company. Also dispatch software.

Rand McNally - 'Route Tools' truck routing software for owner operators.  - Truck Stops Plus transforms the popular Microsoft Streets & Trips routing and navigation GPS software into easy to use trucker’s software.

  • Our new Truck Stops Plus North American Truck Specific POI Database now features more than 10,000 trucking specific points of interest covering not only the USA but new for 2010 also Canada as well!

  • The Truck Stops Plus North American Truck Specific POI Database features the largest and most accurate trucking specific POI database available today.

  • Includes more than 4600 truck stops, including all of the major franchise truck stops, plus over 3600 independent truck stops!

  • Includes more than 2100 rest areas, turnpike service plazas, and picnic/parking areas, more than 2200 Wal-Mart Supercenters, and 929 weigh station locations!

  • The Truck Stops Plus 2010 template not only includes all 112 Blue Beacon Truck Wash locations in the USA and Canada, but new for 2010 all of the Speedco locations in the USA are now included as well.

  • The Independent Truck Stops category is divided into the Independent Truck Stops category and the Independent Truck Stops w/Scales category, which makes searching and routing to truck stops with scales much easier and faster.

  • The Truck Stops Plus 2010 template with the Truck Stops Plus North American Truck Specific POI Database also features the only trucking specific POI database that has been specifically designed for professional drivers and contains the pertinent information professional drivers need the most, like if it is a small, medium, or large truck stop, whether the truck stop has a truck scale or none, whether it does major repairs, minor repairs only, or no repairs, whether it charges for overnight parking, etc.

  • Also with the Truck Stops Plus 2010 template you can easily check for  Restricted Routes and Low Clearances right from the convenience of your laptop screen without a Motor Carrier Road Atlas (MCRA) and no Internet access required!

  • Plus our entire Truck Stops Plus North American Truck Specific POI Database has been completely updated for 2010! - Coby Bickel offers a 'template' (add on) for Microsoft's Streets and Trips mapping software that adds 'stuff' for truck routing, GPS, and trucking points of interest i.e. truck stops, rest areas, scale houses,. etc. Check it out.

Utilities Software:  Backup utilities for Drivers Daily Log and iTruck software, written by Frank Prue an Owner Operator. Frank also does custom backup software for USB drives. Along with custom forms designs. Visit his site for information.

Operational Tax Specialists - OTS - Fuel Tax and Compliance software and services.
Truckn2000 - A link to Ray White's trucking software offerings.  Check it out. -- The program takes an identification
number as input, and outputs information about the required placard(s),
labels, and the proper shipping description. As more materials are added
the placard requirements, segregation and incompatibilities are updated.
The program is available for download @, the trial
version only takes a maximum of two materials.

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